Lutsk NTU hosted "Active Citizens" team from different countries of the world

 Lutsk  NTU hosted "Active Citizens" team  from different countries of the world

Participants of the international visit on  the program "Active citizens"  visited Lutsk National Technical University. Representatives from all over the world got acquainted with the Student Council  of our University, visited a new co-working center and learned more about  Lutsk NTU during the meeting.

First of all, the Vice-Rector on scientific and pedagogical work of Lutsk NTU Valentyna Galushchak greeted guests. She noted that it was probably someone for the first time, and someone probably  for the last time had an opportunity to visit Lutsk, so the University's representatives would  try to present University  and student life as much as possible. In addition, Valentyna Galushchak wished everyone to get good impressions from the city and from the University and expressed the  hope for further friendship and cooperation.

Iryna Lysyk told about the life and activity of the Student Council of Lutsk National  Technical University. In particular, she informed foreign guests about the number of departments of the Student  Council and its departments on Faculties. In addition, she added that the student association is open to communication and has its own pages in social networks. In addition, foreigners learned about the events and projects organized by the Lutsk students, and also inspected the office,  members of the Student Council  repaired and arranged themselves. It should be noted that the program "Active Citizens" with the assistance of the British Council was involved in the re-formation of the office. The program also gave an opportunity to win a project, through which the office turned into a modern student's space.

Therefore, the participants of the international visit visited the "Politech Co-working Center", which is located in the library of Lutsk NTU. The student and center manager Olexandr Kanaheiev told  about the  creation of the PCC   more precisely, as the implementation of one of the students' ideas, which had been  chosen at the competition for supporting social and innovative projects.

         It  should be mentioned  that in 2018, the Student   Council of Lutsk NTU, together with the Rector  Petro Savchuk, with the support of the British Council in Ukraine and NGO "Youth Platform", held a competition for support of social innovation projects at Lutsk National Technical University and separate structural subdivisions. The total budget of the contest was 200 thousand hryvnias. So, from the 30 best ideas of university students and professors, the competition committee chose victorious projects, each got about 20 thousand hryvnias. Among the successful  projects was a new co-working center. So, Olexandr Kanaheiev shared his impressions from the redevelopment of the premises from the usual library into a real creative space. The hall  got  new furniture, new  book shelves, new chairs and even sofas. The most difficult thing in this process, Olexandr admits, was to convince the library staff of the effectiveness and necessity of such changes. However, by combining their efforts, the youth themselves have created a unique space. From now on, the students have  their own place for holding various events, meetings, games and just leisure.

In  turn, the specialist of the  International Relations Department, Kateryna Machulska told about the projects that had been  carried out in Lutsk NTU with the support of the British Council in Ukraine and other sponsors together with the administration of the University. In addition, she arranged a small interesting task for foreign guests   about  Lutsk NTU and presented a self-developed crossword puzzle. Finally, the participants of the "Active Citizens" program received small souvenir gifts with University logos. 

Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University

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