Lutsk NTU hosted the I-st International Conference on the Internationalization of Education

Lutsk  NTU   hosted   the I-st International Conference on the Internationalization of Education         

 Lutsk National Technical University hosted  the I-st  International Scientific and Practical Conference "Internationalization of Education: Ways of Improvement and Development".

It should be noted that the event was sponsored by UAER (Ukrainian Association of Educational Researchers), the Fulbright Program, the US Embassy Peace Corps, the "University Collaboration to Support the Development of the Security and Crisis Management of  Lublin and Lutsk Transboundary Regions" and co-organizers of Lublin Catholic University (Poland), Brest State Technical University, the  Department of Foreign Languages ​​(Belarus).

             First of all, Olena Kovalchuk, the Professor of the Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics, a Member of the Board ( Ukrainian Association of Researchers on Education)   congratulated the participants of the conference and  the guests of the event.

Also  the Rector of Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk gave a welcome speech, where he noted that education had no boundaries, so it was  very important to share experience with scientists from all over the world in order to  improve the educational process  constantly and strive for effective changes.

Later  the  Vice-Rector on scientific and pedagogical work of Lutsk NTU Sergii Shymchuk  wished   fruitful work for the conference participants  and said that  the conference on the topic of internationalization of education was  extremely important, because Ukrainian education and science tended to the European space and everyone had to do his/her best to move to high standards of education and ensure its quality.

             Therefore, the Dean of the Faculty of Finance, Accounting, Linguistics and Law of Lutsk NTU Igor Andrushchak noted that the Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics became a bridge between all departments and encouraged  all of us to communicate in English. He wished all the participants and guest to pick up new  knowledge,  build friendly relations with foreign institutions of higher education, as well as fruitful work and good mood. "

Finally, the Head of the Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics, Oksana Smal  added that new forms of learning were of great interest to the society, and therefore there was a great need to study the international market of educational services.

Traditionally, after the opening ceremony of the conference, a practical part started. So, a young scientist on  the Fulbright  program  in Ukraine   Cherilyn Harrington told  about the internationalization of higher education in the USA; the Doctor of Sciences, Peace Corps Volunteer  on the Program “Response” (Boca Raton, USA),  Lee Strags  reported on inclusion in education.  

             In turn, the Professor of the Department of International Relations at  Catholic University of Lublin, the coordinator of the project "Ukraine-Poland-Belarus" Wojciech Giżicki made a presentation on the internationalization of the educational space in Europe.

The Head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​ (Brest State Technical University) Valerii  Rahuba   spoke about the implementation of the Bologna process in higher education in the Republic of Belarus and the status of internationalization of education at Brest University.

It should be added that the work of the conference consisted of six directions:

-Internationalization of Higher Education in Ukraine: Principles, Trends, Forms;

-Change of educational paradigms in the context of the  globalization challenges;

-International organizations in the process of internationalization of education;

-Movement and culture in the aspect of the internationalization development  of education;

-Ukraine-Europe: common problems in the aspect of development of scientific, cultural, economic and geopolitical space;

-Modern issues of intercultural communication.

In addition, during the conference, there were the intensive training of soft and hard-skills development for teachers, the training for students "Communication development in the aspect of national security" and a round table discussion "Inclusion in education in the context of internationalization".

 Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University