Lutsk NTU joined the International Fire and Applied Sport Competition

Lutsk NTU joined the International Fire and Applied Sport Competition


The regional center of Volyn held   the XXXII International Fire and Applied Sport Competition dedicated to the  memory of firemen – the  heroes of Chernobyl    at the "Avangard" stadium.  The fire-fighters  from 7 countries  fought  for the title.

The Rector of  Lutsk National Technical University  Petro  Savchuk and the staff and  the students of the Department of Civil Security  also  attended  the official opening of the event.

          The event started with the dramatized prologue "The Heroes Who Save the World" accompanied by the performance of  the military orchestra.

          33 years have passed since the terrible accident, which became a pain not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole world. Consequently, the participants honored the memory of those fire-fighters who first came to the accident site at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. In memory of them, 28 balloons  were released in the sky.     

          Subsequently, the First Deputy Head of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies Lieutenant-General of the Civil Protection Service O. Melchutskyi  said:  "This annual tradition helps us to preserve the memory of the hero's feat about their sacrifice, which saved the world from the flames of Chernobyl. I am pleased to be here today and see such a wide representation of foreign delegations. I would like  to express my deep gratitude for the support of both the  fire - applied   sport   and   Ukraine. "

Then  the Head of  Volyn Regional State Administration O.  Savchenko added: "Kniazha Volyn grows more and more every year, because in addition to today's competition, the European Champions League will be held in the field of athletics in  summer. We are becoming more popular, because Volyn is always glad to introduce  itself  properly and host    respectable  guests. I have no doubt that friendship will win, but there will be   Volyn fortune ahead. Just as we, five years ago, were one of the first to go to protect our borders, today our firemen keep  Volyn  ecologically clean  every day, they save it  from fires, burning peat and forests. I would like  that courageous, patriotic, heroic fire-fighters  show their full potential for victory today. "

"We are happy  to welcome you on  Volyn land and we   would like  to wish you success in the competition. Let them  stay in you memory  for a long time  as a sign of Volyn  hospitality and kindness. Volyn is always famous for sporting achievements, so I would like  to wish you sports achievements  today and for the future, "said R. Karpiuk, the  Deputy  Head  of   Volyn Regional Council.

           The greeting  speech was also made by the Minister of Emergencies  in Ukraine for 2002-2005, the President of the Federation of Fire and Applied Sport of Ukraine, the Vice-President of the International Sporting Federation of Firefighters and Rescuers, H.  Reva.  He noted that the competition was  not for the sake of sports, but for  the training of fire-fighters to save people.

           After  the Rector of Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk noted that the University  was  connected  to the training of specialists in the field of civil security and  in the long run the University would have the specialty "Fire Safety".       

"It is very pleasant that there is such a long tradition in Volyn:   the International Fire and Applied  Sport Competition. Our University also trains specialists in this field in the direction  "Civil Security". In addition, we have a military department, therefore, we will launch in the future  the specialty "Fire Safety". Therefore, I think we will develop in this direction", - added the Rector. 

            The Faculty members of  Lutsk NTU and Civil Security Department came to support  Volyn national team too. 

            The Head of the Civil Security Department   I. Androshchuk  notes  that   such a competition has  quite a high level of organization. The Department of Civil Security  works  closely  with Lutsk Administration on the matter of life security and participates  in  the  Olympiadі on life safety, traditionally conducted in the Universities.

In general, the teams from 7 countries, in particular: the Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Czech Republic and Ukraine, took part in the competition.

During two days  athletes upgraded  their assault rig  skills in the 4th floor of a training tower, a fire relay, a 100-meter stripe with obstacles and   carried out a combat deployment from a fire engine.

Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University