Lutsk NTU in the Leadership Development Program of Ukrainian Universities in Great Britain

Lutsk NTU in the Leadership Development Program of Ukrainian Universities in Great Britain


The project team of Lutsk NTU joined the implementation of the Leadership Development Program of Ukrainian Universities, which included modules training from the leaders of the Foundation for leadership in Higher Education (UK). Under the condition of successful implementation of the project, it was planned to conduct a study visit to the British Partner University, with the aim of obtaining competences for developing leadership potential. The British Council is implementing the Program from 2016 to 2019 in partnership with the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine and the Foundation for Leadership in Higher Education (UK), as well as with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Participation in the events of the Program for University teams is free of charge.

 In 2017, the project team of  Lutsk NTU, consisting of 7 people, was created to work on the project of innovative changes in the brand management of  Lutsk NTU in the market of educational services. Under the terms of the program, members of the team represent all levels  of management - managerial (rector / vice-rector/ and head (s) of structural units), administrative, academic and student’s levels. And each participant of  Lutsk NTU team, in accordance with the concept of distributed leadership,   was   responsible for implementing a particular direction of work on the draft of  changes.    

Within the framework of the program, the University team of  Lutsk NTU visited the training modules in the format "5 + 2": 5 people participated in the "Team" (April, 2018) component ( the Rector - Petro Savchuk, the Vice-Rector - Valentyna Galushchak,  the Dean of the  Business Faculty - Nadiia Khvyshchun,  the Student of the Construction  and Design  Faculty - Vladyslav Ilchuk), and 2 persons in the component Young Leaders (May-September, 2018) (the Head of the Management Department - Nataliia Vavdiiuk,  and the Officer  of  the International Relations Office- Kateryna Machulska).

One of the final stages of the project was a study visit on January 21-26, 2019 to Northumbrian University (New Castle, UK). Every day   Lutsk NTU team studied the features of brand management at Northumbria University, the peculiarities of the management of the educational process at various levels of management (rector, vice-rector, dean, head of the department, doctoral student, head of students’ government, master's degree holder, bachelor's degree holder), attending trainings prepared by Dr. Yevgen  Baranchenko, Professor Tom Mordiu, Dr. Nigel Pets, Dr. Emanuel Arakpogan.

The project team also learnt the implementation  of financial, informational, marketing, operational functions of management; visiting the library of the University. The participants of the project  presented a book about Lutsk and its architecture, prepared by the teachers and students of Lutsk NTU as well.

We are very grateful  for this experience  to  British Council, Northumbrian University, personally to Dr. Yevgen Baranchenko.   

The final stage of  the implementation  of   Lutsk NTU brand management project in the market of educational services is the implementation of the knowledge and skills acquired in the formation of the brand of  Lutsk NTU, the implementation of cooperation and exchange mechanisms for the development of the leadership potential of Universities, the implementation of distributed leadership and accountability in the context of enhanced autonomy through the strategies of  the University .      

 Business Faculty   of  Lutsk NTU