Lutsk NTU officially opened a magistracy in the specialty "Agroengineering"

Lutsk NTU officially opened a magistracy in the specialty "Agroengineering"


 Lutsk National Technical University officially opened  a magistracy in the specialty 208 "Agroengineering". On this occasion  specialists from the agrarian industry  of  Volyn came to the University  to participate in the roundtable discussion "Master’s Degree Holder of Agricultural Engineering - Labor Market Requirements".

Among invited guests there  were  the Director of the Department for Agricultural Development of  Volyn Regional State Administration - Yurii Gorbenko, Olexandr Golii (Volyn State Agricultural Research Station of the Institute of Western Polissya Agriculture ), Heads of Vocational  Institutions, as well as Founders and Heads of leading regional enterprises, in particular, Yevgen Dudka ‘Viliia’, Valerii  Dibrova ‘Piatydni’, Ivan Smitiukh ‘Kovel Bread Factory’, Vasyl Kharytskyi ‘West-Agro-Technik Ltd. and others. 

 First of all, the Rector of Lutsk NTU  Petro Savchuk  gave a congratulatory speech. He noted that since September 1, 2018 the University was ready to accept future masters of agroengineering for training.   

"Today we open the magistracy in the specialty" Agroengineering " that is  the highest level of training  specialists on the market of educational services in the agrarian sector. Today we are mastering this niche and we  have managed to take our place on the market of educational services. In particular, we have training in the fields of "Agronomy" and "Forestry", now we have received a licence from the Ministry for the opening the magistracy in the field of Agroengineering.

The Rector emphasized the importance of conducting similar roundtable discussions  and meetings with  the leading businessmen in order to successfully adapt the curricula and the educational process for students through their proper advice and peer review.

In  turn, the Head of the Department of Agrarian Engineering V. Didukh added that the most important task in creating the right curriculum for Masters is their interest in the development of the domestic agrarian sector and the desire to remain in Ukraine.

At the the same time  V.  Dibrova emphasized the importance of giving practical training for  students, because it is through practice that they will be able to navigate the technology, adjust it and eventually become professional employees with competitive wages.

Yurii Gorbenko, on the other hand, added that the graduates-agroengineers would be more specialized in agriculture which meets the requirements of the time: "I believe that you are trying to keep pace with life. Today you are presenting a new profession which proves the fact  that engineering rules the world.

        V. Havryliuk, Director  of  Polissia branch "O. N. Sokolovskyi  Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry"  emphasized that agroengineers would  become the inalienable specialists in soil science  because this branch is now relevant, especially in  Volyn region, and such specialists are  in demand  very much.

Finally, all the guests shared practical tips, suggestions and views  how best to adjust the curricula for future masters-agroengineers, interest them and, most importantly,  provide practical experience.


Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University