Lutsk NTU presented a new academic programme "International business"

Lutsk  NTU presented  a new  academic   programme  "International business"

The representatives of authorities, scientific   institutions and organizations, leading enterprises of the region gathered in  Lutsk National Technical University to  discuss  how to achieve good results in the qualitative training of specialists in the field of international business.

So, on the occasion of the presentation of the educational  program "International Business" Lutsk  NTU held a round table discussion  " The formation of leaders in the field of  international business in the context of expectations"  with the support of  the International Economic Relations  Department  and  Business  Faculty.

First of all, the Rector of  Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk greeted the participants and guests of the event. He emphasized that he was very  glad to meet  respectable guests  who would  give the right advice and real suggestions regarding  the training of specialists  who  could be  in demand in the labor market.

"I am very pleased that the work at the University is shifting to more qualitative new level. Today I see in our University  serious guests who will discuss an important component of our cooperation - international business. We invite you to work together to establish a  high quality process of training specialists with the competences relating to international business. So, I would like  to hear specific aspects and practical advice. Thank you for the  possibility to communicate fruitfully in order to get good results ", - said the Rector.

After  the  Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical work  in Lutsk NTU S. Shymchuk  thanked everyone who had joined the round table discussion  and said that he was  sure that the results of the discussion woud  be meaningful, topical and  productive.

           N. Khvyshchun, the Dean of  Business  Faculty  said  that the Faculty had been participating in such  meetings  not  for the first time and  she emphasized  that the challenges of the business world made it necessary to change the approach to the educational process,  introduce more practical lessons so that students could  get new experience and work for the benefit of the country including  the international arena.

            L. Savosh, the Head of the  International Economic Relations  Department  in  Lutsk NTU, thanked the participants for the visit and expressed   hope for a productive discussion.

            The HR-director of the joint Ukrainian-Polish company “ Modern-Expo”, Mariolla Roganova, told about who  the employers wanted  to see. She offered presentations  about  her company  in order to  help  understand  better its concept, goals,  visions, and thus, to understand what employees the company would   gladly invite.

O. Smolych, the President of   Volyn Chamber of Commerce, agreed with the statement, noting that  modern employers needed  people who could  think globally, be mobile and be able to adapt to modern  challenges.

          R. Romaniuk,  the Director of the Regional Employment Center, stressed that the labor market needed a lot of  workers. However, he agreed that, in  different professional fields, employers also paid  special attention not only to knowledge, but also to  strong character and education of the worker.

          At the same time, the Head of the Employment Center emphasizes that employees  begin to come back  from abroad to Ukraine with business  experience and, more importantly, cultural experience, which is a serious support of  the Ukrainian economy.

         Also, the Head of the  Investment Department  of  Volyn Regional State Administration Andrii Tkachuk  noted that the topic of the meeting was  very important, and the discussion had indeed yielded good  results both for employers and for scholars. Instead, the authorities' task is to increase the weight of  Volyn brand in order to attract more investors to create successful businesses and new jobs. At the same time, the speaker urged employers not to neglect wages and bring it even to the level of neighboring Poland, so that entrepreneurial activity had a positive result. 

   It should be noted that a lot of business professionals joined the discussion, in particular: the Director of  “Alfainterplast Ltd”  Vitalii  Skopiuk,  the Director General of the West Sugar Group LLC Inna Vlasiuk,  the Director of the Travel Agency  “Barbados” Iryna Kalis,   the Head of the Personnel Department  "SKF Ukraine" Victoria Shatan, the Head of the Support Department  on new projects and advertisements of the Car Plant № 1 "Bohdan Motors" Julia Demchuk, the Head of the Personnel Department of Torchin Factory Svitlana Piliuk,  the Chief Specialist  of the  Staff Recruiting  Department of  Volyn  branch  “ Oshchadbank” Liudmyla Kalyta,  the Economist of the  Accounting and Economic Analysis of    the     Enterprise "Lutsk Cardboard and Paper Factory - Ukraine" Dmytro Romanchuk, the Head  of Personnel Department in "Tigres" Mariia Metelska, the Project Manager of Kniahynynok  UTC Serhii  Uzhehov,   recruiting    staff  of    Volyn  branch  of  the state bank " Oschadbank ",  the  Head of the International Economic Relations and Project Management Department at  LUEENU Andrii Boiar and  the staff  of  the International Economic Relations   Department  of Lutsk NTU.

Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University

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