Lutsk NTU Presented Two New Specialities: 'Law' and 'Agronomy'

Lutsk NTU Presented Two New Specialities: 'Law' and 'Agronomy'

Rector of HEI, Petro Savchuk, officially presented two new program subject ares 081 - Law and 201 - Agronomy. From now on, applicants, who wish to study at Lutsk National Technical University, will have a choice of a wider range of specialities.

The presentation of new specialities took place on June 14. Specialists in the field of jurisprudence and agronomy joined the event. They made their suggestions and adjustments to the curricula according to the demand for professions in the labor market, improvement of the educational process, and, consequently, the formation of young specialists.
As stated by Rector, a curriculum for the speciality 'Law' has been already developed, and 50 students will receive education. Tuition fee is UAH 16,500. 

Thus, graduates of the speciality will be able to gain professional competence in:

  • analysing and interpreting legal norms;
  • resolving legal disputes in various spheres;
  • advising on a wide range of legal issues;
  • using information technology in professional activities. 

In addition, undergraduate students will be able to work in:

  • executive and judicial agencies,
  • local self-government institutions,
  • public organizations,
  • enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership. 

Regarding the admission process to a speciality, applicants need to have a certificate of an independent external testing in: 1) Ukrainian language and literature, 2) history of Ukraine, 3) mathematics or a foreign language; or 1) Ukrainian language and literature, 2) mathematics, 3) geography or foreign language; or 1) Ukrainian language and literature, 2) Ukrainian history and 3) geography or biology.

Afterwards, another conference took place, in which the rector of HEI, Petro Savchuk, introduced the speciality 'Agronomy', which will operate on the basis of the Faculty of Environmental Studies, Tourism and Electrical Engineering.

In the recent past, we have opened the specialities 'Forestry' and 'Agroengineering'. Having monitored the actual needs of the labor market, in the agrarian sector in particular, we decided to open a new program subject area. We have received a license to train 50 agronomists annually, and some of them will get a scholarship. 
It should be noted that tuition fee is UAH 13.500. 

Graduates will be able to work in:

  • collective farms;
  • in district administrations; 
  • regional departments of agrarian and industrial complex;
  • in professional research institutions.

A graduate can also work as:

  • a foreman,
  • a land recultivator,
  • a farmer,
  • a fruit grower,
  • a vineyard,
  • a vegetable gardener,
  • an assistant to an agronomist,
  • an agronomist.

During the training, students will be able to:

  • operate with different programmes on a PC,
  • calculate the amount of fertilization for the planned crop,
  • introduce elements of 'precision agriculture',
  • apply organic farming in accordance with the requirements of IFOAM,
  • introduce the minimum soil cultivation,
  • know the technology of manufacturing and introducing non-traditional types of organic fertilizers.

Students will be able to respond adequately to changing weather conditions and know new progressive technologies of cultivating agricultural crops.

We should recall that in connection with the process of reforming vocational education in Ukraine, the academic council of Lutsk National Technical University decided to associate the Ovadnivsk and Lukiv Colleges. The preliminary plans were to create a tourist oriented college; a hotel and restaurant business; to re-format the vocational school in Lukov to the agrarian lyceum.