Lutsk NTU trained experts in ensuring the quality of higher education

Lutsk NTU trained experts in ensuring the quality of higher education

Lutsk National Technical University has organized a training for experts on the quality assurance of higher education. The event took place at the initiative of the Higher Education  Institute  of the National Academy of Sciences  in  Ukraine and within the framework of the projects "Formation of the network of experts on the quality assurance of higher education" and "New system of accreditation as a means of ensuring quality and overcoming corruption in higher education". It is important to note that the participants of the training were not only employees of  Lutsk NTU, but also guests from other educational institutions of Ukraine.             

Valentyna Galushchak,  the curator of the event,  the  Vice-Rector on scientific and pedagogical work, congratulated all those present at the training and told about  the selection of trainers for conducting the training of experts on ensuring the quality of higher education, about knowledge gained during the study in Kyiv and   tasks for the training.      

Then each participant of the training presented himself/herself, told about his/her teaching activities, and also expressed  his/her expectations from the event. Thus, the main expectations were the acquisition of new experiences, the study of new methods  on communication  with students, the modernization of teaching and the acquisition of practical skills in the standards of education. In conclusion, Valentyna Galushchak  shared her expectations: "An  institution  that will be engaged in raising the level of education in Ukraine in the future will require experts. Actually you are the future experts. We are currently studying, preparing for the next steps. I offer a database of knowledge and methodologies that I have been able to learn  during my studies at the Institute of Higher Education, so I will try to transfer as much as possible."

After the acquaintance, the participants switched to the practical part of the training, which was divided into four sessions. During the first session  the participants  studied the priorities of the European Higher Education Area, got acquainted with the notions of the Paris Communiqué and the Bologna Matrix, and also they fulfilled a practical task with their vision of the development of the education system in Ukraine.

During the second session  future experts studied the term "learning outcomes", the difference between competency outcomes, and the role and place of learning outcomes in the education system. The session, like the previous one, was completed with practical task.   

Also, within the framework of the training the participants were offered the following topics for study: "University autonomy, internal quality assurance system", "Self-analysis and tools for assessing the quality of higher education" and "Transition of higher education indicators from quantitative to qualitative ones".

A good completion of the training was the satisfaction and enthusiastic participants for further work, as well as the awarding of certificates for participation from the organizers.

Olena Tretiak, Information Department of Lutsk NTU