Lutsk NTU will officially cooperate with Kherson State Maritime Academy

Lutsk NTU will officially cooperate with Kherson State Maritime Academy                                            

The  Rector of  Lutsk National Technical University, Petro Savchuk, signed a cooperation agreement with    Kherson State Maritime Academy.

          The  Professor, Head of the Department of Transport Technologies, Doctor of Technical Sciences Andrii Buketov  made an official visit to  Lutsk NTU.

The scientist came to discuss the terms of cooperation of our University with  Kherson State Maritime Academy and   sign a cooperation agreement. Another reason for the visit of A. Buketov was the membership in the Specialized Academic Council, which was held  in Lutsk NTU for consideration of the dissertation by Igor Lemishko. 

Therefore, the visit of Andrii  Buketov  was marked by the signing of a cooperation agreement between our University and  Kherson State Maritime Academy. So, the Rector of Lutsk NTU noted that such cooperation is especially important for our institution, because  Kherson Maritime Academy is famous for its excellent research laboratory  of  resource-saving technologies at the Department of Ship Power Plants and General Engineering, where our graduate students and doctoral students already have experience. 

 "For several years now, Our research workers  have been visiting  this academy in Kherson  for several years, so the cooperation between our schools has started for a long time already. Today, we have just documented  it, and I am very pleased. Hopefully we will continue to be in such friendly relations, and the limits of our cooperation will only expand, "said Petro  Savchuk.

 Olena Tretiak, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University