Lutsk NTU Will Train Masters in the Field of Law

           Lutsk NTU will train  Masters in the Field of Law


From now on Lutsk NTU will  train  masters in the field of law.

Lutsk National Technical University officially opened a magistracy on the specialty "Law". On this occasion  the scientific and practical round table "Scientific approaches to the training of lawyers: challenges and perspectives" was held at the University.

Participation in the event was supported by representatives of the judicial branch in Volyn, the Management  of the Department of Justice in  Volyn region, representatives of  Volyn Regional State Administration, Director of the Regional Employment Center, lawyers and scientists of the leading Universities  of Ukraine.

The Rector of  Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk congratulated the participants of the round table. He noted that since September 1, 2019, the University is ready to meet 30 people who want   to obtain a Master's degree and effectively train specialists to become competitive and adapted to real needs and challenges.  

"At the first stage, we were modest, so only a bachelor's degree in the field of  law was opened to gain experience, learn, and then enter the scientific and educational segment. Due to the fact that some serious scholars of Ukraine, in particular  from Uzhhorod, Cherkassy and not only, came to the University on a permanent basis, we decided to prepare a licensing case, and the Ministry supported us. So, from September 1, 30 candidates for  Master’s  Degree  will fully enter  Lutsk NTU  in order to receive a Master's Degree in law for one year and 4 months. This is a serious challenge and responsibility for us that is connected with three directions - it is a scientific component, practical preparation and understanding what  is needed in the market of legal services ", - the Rector emphasizes.

In addition, Petro Savchuk adds that the thematic round table is a good opportunity to exchange views and take into account all offers as much as possible. Thanks to the expert assessment, Rector assures, there is a willingness to choose specific niches in the preparation of Masters, focusing attention, for example, on constitutional, agrarian or civil law.

"There are many problems, legal issues that require consultation and scientific discussion, and our main message is to help people. Therefore, we will take into account your positions and will be able to  train  Masters of Law effectively so that they are competitive and adapted to real needs and challenges, " said the Rector.

In turn, Oksana Zhuk, Associate Professor, the  Head of the Department of Humanities, Social Security and Law of Lutsk NTU, presented the moderators of the event, and added that due to the Rector and the Dean, the  University  managed to open the "Social Security" specialty, and then "Law" and to get the necessary number of students. Nowadays the educational process needs development and its success   is the opening of the magistracy.

 Alla Zemko, academic secretary of   Lutsk NTU, presented the round table speakers and expressed her   hopes for the effectiveness and efficiency of the event: "Our goal was to gather the legal elite of our region, representatives of the region, the scientific elite of Ukraine, because purely scientific or practical measures are useful, but if one approaches such a serious issue as the preparation of a master's degree holder on Law, then one must consider the opinions of both scholars and practitioners. "

The Doctor of  Law Sciences, Professor of the Department of Humanities, Social Security and Law of Lutsk NTU Yana  Lenger agreed with this position. She noted that the current generation of students needs a special approach and the main task for the teacher is a practical approach to teaching the subject, solving specific problems and developing practical skills of students.

"It is very  important to develop  and correct trends which teachers should train a lawyer in. We all know that University  is guided by methodological recommendations, theoretical load, the correctness of teaching the material, etc. However, we must remember that now all students belong to the generation that the world community calls "milenials" and due to their special features, we must develop unified directions how to train them so that they would be interested in learning and that they could put  their  knowledge into practice. In view of their special features, it is necessary to correctly form the vision of legal science and implement it. Scientific and pedagogical workers strive for perfection, we apply modern scientific and technical approaches, but not always the theoretician teacher can  give the students information, as far as it could be done by practitioners, therefore we met in order  to express  our  wishes, so that the faculty and the department should  train  the  lawyers, who  will be useful for the community ", - summed up the speaker.

So, each of the  guests expressed  own suggestions and vision as how to adjust the curricula best for future Masters of Law, how to interest them and, most importantly, to give practical experience. Among the main remarks, there were calls for students to develop communicability and confidence. Yes, judges, lawyers  unanimously point out that many  employees refuse to participate in the reception of citizens, can not convincingly convey their opinions or substantiation at court hearings, etc. So, it's very important for lawyers to be confident in communicating with the community, defending their interests and being able to explain any information.  

Moreover, according to the Head of the Regional Employment Center  Roman Romaniuk, now employers are looking for skilled workers who have not only a diploma, but also professional knowledge. Unfortunately, not all graduate job seekers can occupy a vacant place, owning their knowledge, and thus Universities, training future lawyers, should pay attention to it and strengthen the competence of students. 

Such a statement was agreed by the Head of the Department of Justice in  Volyn region. In particular, the Head of the Department Anton Kustyk noted that their structure is undergoing a personnel shortage, since many young workers know the theory well, but they can not  use their knowledge effectively in practice. Currently, the Management is ready to employ lawyers with a bachelor's degree and independently teach them practical skills, and at the same time they promise to send their colleagues to Lutsk National University of Science for a magistracy.

So, the actual proposal is to enrich the students with practical experience so that they can confidently navigate in the  field and receive a diploma, enter the workflow  confidently. Therefore, it was proposed to create in  Lutsk NTU an improvised courtroom for conducting classes. In addition, the guests of the round table expressed their readiness to cooperate with the University  and take part in seminars, practical courses and lectures, provide access to students' practice, etc.


Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University

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