Modern software Assyst for students of Lutsk NTU


          Modern software Assyst  for  students of Lutsk NTU

     P. Savchuk , the Rector of Lutsk NTU,  and   O. Skorobohatyi,  the General Director of the Sewing Equipment  Center LLC, discussed the  implementation   of modern software in Lutsk NTU during a working meeting. 

      As a result, the partners worked out a roadmap and signed a memorandum on the implementation of Assyst software in the training cycle for light industry and clothing design specialists in  Lutsk NTU.

There  are  plans to present the updated classroom and demonstrate the possibilities of using the software  in September this year.

It should be noted that the specialty "Light Industry Technologies"  was recently opened by Lutsk NTU, and now the  administration and professors of the department actively involve partners in the joint work that can set requirements for the knowledge and skills that graduates should possess, as well as  jointly introduce modern technologies into the educational process.

As for Assyst GMBH ( (Germany), it is a global leader in the development  of  integrated technology solutions for the garment industry, with clients of more than 250 leading world brands of the fashion industry. The company is a German software developer that is used not only in the clothing industry, but also in the furniture and air industry, that is, wherever it is possible to construct anything.  

The software is divided into several blocks, depending on the functions and scheduled work. So, CAD.Assyst allows you to create basic templates, with the possibility of their modeling and technical reproduction. Instead, LAY.Assyst is  software for effective layout design taking into account the technical characteristics of the material and its defects. The first software includes more than 350 practical tools for design tasks, including  quick creation and modification of templates; multiple variants of one pattern; realistic color and texture display of the material; automatic integration with Vidya. Assyst 3D visualizer. The latest software is designed for 3D simulation of materials, products and even people. It includes more than 185 new fashion modeling options, for example: moving avatars that can take any position of the body; creation of applications, buttons, imitation of seams and decorative stitches; creating a virtual studio with visualization of real lighting, background, etc .; exact simulation of draperies, folds, adherence to the body, as well as interactive work, that is, raising the collar, fastening buttons, etc.  

In addition, programming has a web platform for automatically creating layouts with optimal efficiency in a very short time, as well as a platform for automatically calculating production orders and forming instructions for a cutting shop. The company also offers programming for complex planning of enterprise resources for efficient organization, management and development of production; to manage the life cycle of a product from design to a  finished product.

An interesting new development is the 3D body scanners that are used to gather information about human body measurements. Scanners have more than 150 advantages for optimizing workflows, in particular, automatically detecting over 150 dimensional features; scanning of various body positions; virtual fitting; individual modeling and designing of things, etc.

With regard to further developments, the company  Assyst sees the future of full virtualization, and therefore, the creation of a virtual store, where the client will be able to choose clothes, try it  on, test  it  in motion, etc., becomes  topical.     

As a result of the talks, Petro Savchuk  and  O.  Skorobohatyi agreed on the need to prepare computer equipment and equip the appropriate audience. Instead, the company promises to install software on time in order to  present the student's curriculum  officially  in September.

Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University