New laboratories, modernization and science: topical issues at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications

New laboratories, modernization and science: topical issues at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications

Lutsk NTU conducts  a series of open meetings at the departments with the participation of the Rector Petro Savchuk. Now it is  important  to raise the topical   issues, to tell about wins  and achievements, to discuss the urgent topics  with  the staff  of the  Electronics and Telecommunications Department   headed by  Valentyn Zablotskyi.        

First of all, Petro Savchuk emphasized the importance of holding such open meetings, as  it is a good opportunity to hear the team, to solve the problem issues together  and to work on new tasks.

Therefore, the Rector stressed  the need to establish effective interaction with students, use modern technologies, conduct classes and  assess   the knowledge of youth,  seek new approaches to improve the quality of training. Petro Savchuk shared plans and prospects for the development of the University.  He  described the repair work in the University  buildings, updating the material and technical base, opening laboratories and arranging class-rooms, etc.

The department  also  raised the  issues of improving the system of students’ choice of disciplines, observance of  academic integrity aspects, as well as staff  appointments  through the Personnel contest.

After   Valentyn Zablotskyi   thanked his colleagues for the fruitful cooperation, because only together they managed  to achieve a positive result and build new plans.

According to the Head of the Department, during the last year  it was possible to create a laboratory where  students'  clubs are opened, in particular, the installation of electrical equipment, its design and manufacturing. In addition, recently the Department opened a modern training laboratory for technical equipment and security, now it needs to be equipped with only a few computers.

As to the urgent issues, V.  Zablotskyi  noted that  it was  necessary to modernize laboratories that were  directly related to the telecommunications. In addition, the modernization requires a computer class. The Head of the Department paid a special attention to international relations, internship of  professors  and establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation with specialized institutions of higher education  and enterprises.

Therefore, the participants of the meeting discussed a number of problem issues, joint developments and prospects of both the Department and the University as a whole. Finally, the Rector thanked the scientists for their fruitful work: "We can do everything together. There are no problems and obstacles for this. The team is a force and thank you for what you do. "

Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University