Over 700 graduates of Lutsk NTU received Master's Degree diplomas

            Over 700  graduates of  Lutsk NTU received  Master's Degree diplomas


The solemn ceremony on the occasion of the graduation  of  the  Masters degree holders  at  Lutsk National Technical University took place in Volyn Academic Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama   T. Shevchenko  Theater.    

Yesterday's freshmen and today's graduates have let off in the past wonderful student years, carefree youth: times of new dreams and achievements, true friendship and love, first falls and rapid upsurge. Having made great efforts, showing their best qualities,  they got higher education and received the result of troublesome work, but now they  confidently walk in the paths of adult life, glorifying their Faculty and University with worthy deeds.

733 Masters Degree holders  were invited  in the status of graduates of  Lutsk NTU for the solemn receipt of long-awaited diplomas. 2 students are citizens of Libya who have received a Degree on Accounting, Linguistics and Law.  

In order to present diplomas to their students, the Rector of Lutsk NTU, Vice-Rectors and Deans,  dressed in mantle, were invited to the scene under loud applause. They performed the anthem of Ukraine  together with all present  people. Therefore, the Rector of  Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk, who announced the opening of the solemn ceremony, made a salutatory speech.

"Today, we have a wonderful holiday and at the same time an exciting moment. Every year, Lutsk NTU strengthens its position and now we graduate 733 best students who have passed the thorny path of testing and will be awarded for their success with diplomas. Last year,  we had 210 masters  less, so I'm sure this positive trend will grow. Our University has taken a few steps forward and today we are focusing on the training of specialists in higher qualification. We are in a position to do this because the symbiosis of the powerful economic and technical components in our University, as well as the orientation towards prestigious specialties, allows us to train graduates more qualitatively and persistently, which will surely be worthy and competitive specialists, "said Petro Savchuk.

In addition, the Rector noted that among the main criteria, that students  try  to achieve on the educational and educational road, are to become successful. So, he gave some advice, referring to the credo of world-famous people, such as Steve Jobs and Ilon Mask, and wished young people to reach the moment when they themselves could share their own formula of success.

"I wish that each of you would have  own formula of success. May your road be successful, happy, may you build good families and receive decent salary in our native Ukraine ", - Petro Savchuk summed up.

Deputy Head of  Volyn Regional State Administration Serhii Kosharuk gave a welcoming speech:

"Your Alma mater is growing, you see new achievements, University teachers have the opportunity to work in a wider range of areas, and those tools that appear, allow you to work deeper with each student. It is important that the quality that the University gives you today can guarantee national development.  I wish you that your Master's Degrees, your knowledge and experience helped you to recognize your vocation and realize your dreams. I am convinced that then you will be happy people, and Ukraine will get worthy citizens and the elite of the nation. "

In their turn, the head of  Volyn Regional Organization of Education Workers Vasyl Granovskyi  was invited to congratulate graduates:

"We  today remember ourselves, our lives, our youth ... We wish you, as parents, all that you have conceived, your great future destiny may come true, so that you live better than we and our parents. We want our country to flourish, and you give away all your skills that your teachers, parents have put in. "

The gradution of masters of 2018   is  full   of  achievements and victories, which has become a significant contribution to the development of Lutsk National Technical University and Ukraine in particular. The result of the efforts of today's graduates is numerous victories at olympiads, conferences and contests. So, 39 masters from the hands of the Rector of   Lutsk NTU received diplomas with honors.

On behalf of all graduates, Andrii Kovtun expressed gratitude to the teachers. He thanked for their  faith, patience, perseverance, and also assured that students and educators would always be a big University family: "Today I am a graduate, a master's degree  holder, and it's cool. I want everyone to be proud of it, and Lutsk NTU may be  proud of its graduates. For each of us, I wish  to achieve the goals, become  the ones we would like to be. "

Therefore,  Deans of seven Faculties of   Lutsk National Technical University, as well as Deans’ staff and Heads of graduate Departments congratulated the graduates on the holiday and solemnly handed diplomas. At this time, information on the successes and achievements of the faculties was heard from the scene.

In addition, Olena Soloveniuk, Deputy Chairman of the Student Council, expressed the  greetings on behalf of her colleagues:

"I am very happy to see so many smiles in the room today and I feel  happiness that you radiate. This is an important event in your life, this is your historic day, the end of one stage of life and the beginning of a new one. Students Council of our University sincerely congratulates you. We believe that all your plans are realized in life and convinced that the experience you have received will give you confidence in the future. Do not forget your second home, come back to us again. Although the student years will remain behind, however, the luggage of knowledge that you have received here, opens for you new doors in the future. Let’s dream and take from life a maximum, and to get the maximum,  you must start with small - with money ... Love, your Students Council. "

        In addition to festive speeches, music greetings were heard from the scene for the graduates. Thus,  there was a Cantabile Chamber Orchestra headed by Tovii Rivts for the audience, a foreign student Elvis Akauba performing a musical composition,  and Border Orchestra of   Lutsk border detachment   congratulated, and in the end the song was presented by the student from   Business Faculty Chrystyna Vashchenia.

The ceremony of awarding diplomas ended with  Waltz, performed by students of  Lutsk NTU Andrii  Bartoshuk and Victoria Koretska. The musical accompaniment to the saxophone was performed by the Dean of the CSIT Faculty Rostyslav Redko.

Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University

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