Participation of Lutsk NTU in Erasmus + InternationalStaffWeek (Balikesir, Turkey)

Participation of Lutsk NTU in Erasmus + InternationalStaffWeek (Balikesir, Turkey)


The international meeting of Erasmus + InternationalStaffWeek college students took place at  Balikesir University in  Balikesir  from July 1 to July 5.

The Head of the Department of Automation and Computer - Integrated Technologies Gumeniuk Larysa  and Associate Professor of the Department of Accounting and Audit, Zhurakovska Ira  took part   from Lutsk NTU.

                Balikesir  University  is one of the leading universities in Turkey. It has 11 faculties, consisting of 66 departments, 4 undergraduate schools, 13 vocational schools, 4 institutes, 19 research centers, a hospital. The University of Balikesir has about 40,000 students and about 1700 academic and administrative staff. The University is the coordinating and partner institution of Erasmus + program.

                InternationalStaffWeek was organized for the purpose of developing cultural and academic links between foreign higher education institutions. Issues of promoting international co-operation between faculties / students / youth of Universities and European organizations were discussed; increasing the number of international students’ and academics’ exchanges; promoting initiatives to adapt to new internationalization conditions. A  great attention was paid to the interaction and joint activities of the participants, as the cooperation will seriously contribute to the intellectual and personal development of students and  professors. 

A  considerable attention was also paid to increasing the mobility of students and professors  in Erasmus + projects, Mevlana exchange programs, and others.

The representatives from 15 countries: Turkey, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Estonia, Malaysia, Bulgaria and French Guinea  participated  in the InternationalStaffWeek.

 The delegates from  Lutsk NTU told the forum participants  about Ukraine, Volyn, and introduced  Lutsk National Technical University.

          Different educational institutions, in particular, faculties of pedagogy, physical education, engineering sciences visited the forum  to get acquinted  with the University and its material and technical base. Also, the rector of the University of Balikesir was present at the meeting.

During the event  delegates from  Lutsk NTU received oral consultations with representatives of  Tartu   University  (Estonia), Balikesir University (Turkey), the University of Technology in Szczecin (Poland) on students’ and   professors’ exchange programs, joint programs and consortia.

Also, the Turkish delegates  received  a cooperation  agreement   between our Universities. At the end of the forum all the participants got   certificates.

Gumeniuk L., the Head  of  the  ACIT  Department

Zhurakovska I., Assistant Professor of the Accounting and Audit Department