Practical training for the students of Lutsk NTU at Tigres corporation

         Practical training for  the students of Lutsk NTU at Tigres corporation

The study of the discipline "Fundamentals of Commodity Studies" at Lutsk NTU consists not only of theory, but  practical training at enterprises as well.

To this end, students of the PTB-11 group visited the Tigres corporation under the direction of acting Head of the Department Pakholiuk O.V. and the supervisor  of the group Golodiuk H.I.

Having  visited Tigres, students had a great opportunity to see that the fabulous world of toy production is a professional design studio, weighed assortment policy, optimal production areas, a team of professionals, high-tech equipment, adherence to quality and safety standards, consumer care.

The enterprise produces about 5 million products per year. All of them comply with European standards and are environmentally friendly, because in the production of dyes of European origin and high quality raw materials. Each product is manufactured from start to finish, all of them are monitored from each site, and the final product is inspected by the quality inspector, because the fairy tale world of toys must be safe for a child. The children themselves are real experts in toys.

Students learned in detail the process of creating a toy from the designer's design to finishing products, since the manufacture of toys has a number of interesting stages and requires a considerable effort.

The visiters  received interesting information, competent answers to the questions and unforgettable impressions.

Modern production technologies and equipment, the perfect organization of production processes, high social standards and incentives for self-development of employees, as well as job opportunities have caused a special interest among students.

We sincerely thank the management and employees of the Corporation "Tigres" for the opportunity to look into the fabulous world of creating toys, to see the technological stages of production "in action", to consolidate theoretical knowledge of students in practice.

 Department of Business, Trade and Stock Exchanges