Professor of Lutsk NTU - at the Forum "Export of Agricultural Products: New Opportunities for Ukrainian Commodity Producers"

            Professor of Lutsk NTU - at the Forum "Export of Agricultural Products: New Opportunities for Ukrainian Commodity Producers"


On December 14, 2018 Professor of Management Department at Lutsk NTU Bozhydarnik T.V. took part in the Forum "Export of agro-food products: new opportunities for Ukrainian commodity producers". The organizer was the National Science Center "Institute of Agrarian Economics",  which  Lutsk NTU economists-agrarians have long-standing partnership relations with. This event was held within the framework of the II International Exhibition "UKRAINIAN FOOD EXPO 2018" at the International Exhibition Center (Brovarsky Ave., 15, Kyiv), which was visited by more than 3000 guests.

 The event was attended by the  representatives of Ukrainian agricultural producers and experts in the field of export, representatives of education, science and public organizations. During the forum, the following issues were discussed: ways of launching  the Ukrainian agrarian products to international markets; the possibility of expanding the limits of export of domestic producers; modern trends in the export of agri-food.

The speaker of the event was Pugachov Mykola,  Doctor of Economics, Deputy Director of the National Science Center "Institute of Agrarian Economics", who spoke on the introductory theme: "Regional Consumer Trends on the World Food Market".

Oleg Miroshnychenko, a trainer-consultant on export issues to European and international markets on the topic "Stages and Elements of Export Strategy Development" gave  wise advice for beginner exporters.

         Lively discussions were followed by Volodymyr Pugachov, Candidate of Economic Sciences, member of the FAO Agricultural Trade Expert Group on Europe and Central Asia, Danube Soybean Association, on "Recent trends and forecast of their development regarding the requirements of importers for soybeans and products of its processing in the EU countries in the context of ensuring the traceability and sustainability of agricultural production. "

         The following topics were very interesting:

- "Choice of promising markets for the export of agricultural products" (Pankratov Andrii, Agricultural Market Analyst, FAO International Consultant).

- "Features of Exporting Organic Products" (Galashevska Yuliya,  Expert on Export Control of Organic Products, Head of Customer Service at “Organic Standard”, Member of the Official Working Group “Import” (WG Import), the European Organic Certification Union (European Organic Certifiers Council ).

- "Taxation of Export Operations" (Elvira Tkachova, Tax Law Expert at the Institute of Tax Reforms, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Agro Pro").

 - "Algorithm of working with international markets for enterprises of food industry" (Bogdan Shapoval,  General Director  of the Food Export Council).

 At the end of the speeches, the  participants of the Forum summed up and agreed that such measures are very necessary for all parties: the authorities, manufacturers, business, academics and public institutions.

I am very grateful to  Nadiya Stolyarchuk, Head of the Council of Young Scientists, National Science Center "Institute for Agrarian Economics", one of the best graduates of Lutsk NTU, for the invitation to the Forum and fruitful cooperation between our institutions.

I will use  new knowledge, ideas and conclusions after the forum  in further scientific work and in teaching discipline "Management of Foreign Economic Activity".

Professor of Management Department  (Lutsk NTU)   Bozhydarnik T.V.