Rector of Lutsk NTU and Volyn Regional State Administration signed the memorandum of cooperation.

Rector of  Lutsk NTU  and   Volyn Regional State Administration signed the  memorandum of cooperation.


The Rector Petro Savchuk and the  Deans of the Faculties of  Lutsk National Technical University, at the invitation of the Head of  Volyn Regional State Administration Olexandr Savchenko, made a visit to the Regional  Administration. During the meeting the parties discussed the implementation of joint plans and ideas, outlined the ways of interaction and eventually signed the relevant memorandum.

First of all, the head of the patronage service and the adviser of the chairman of the regional state administration Valerii Kryvorog noted that cooperation with  Lutsk NTU actually began before the signing of the memorandum and students of the University are already actively involved in the implementation of a number of projects:

"We have already built a very close interaction with the University, we already know a lot of students, they help us,they travel on exit projects, etc."

Also, the Rector of Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk noted that the University was ready for new proposals and ideas from  Volyn Regional State Administration, which could be brought into life by prospective students and experienced post-teaching staff. The prerequisites for qualitative performance of tasks are the opening of the modern business-innovation center within the institution, the creation of a cluster of light industry, namely the labs of the garment industry, and is currently working on developing a program for the protection of informational and cybernetic space. All this, according to Petro Savchuk, enhances the image of the University in  Volyn region and confirms the capacity of the educational institution and the readiness to implement qualitative projects relevant for the region.

At the same time, the Rector and the Head of Volyn Regional State Administration  confirmed their intentions to cooperate in other directions, in particular in the field of sports and agrarian sector.

"Students and University teachers will be tangible to all regional programs that exist: both as experts and as fillers of these programs. We have great potential for this. We have opened new Master's programs: agro-engineering, software engineering. I hope that the signing of the Memorandum will be a good example and the right message for the regional authorities: specifically to set goals and specifically to help, and we will be and will be your partners. I believe this is a great achievement for the University, so I thank my colleagues for their trust. The main responsibility lies with me and my colleagues, sure that we will not let you down, "said Petro  Savchuk.

Finally, the head of the Volyn Regional State Administration  Olexandr  Savchenko expressed the hope that the establishment of such cooperation and involvement in the joint work of students is interesting for young people, because in this way they can successfully implement themselves and generally demonstrate their skills.

"Obviously, changing the situation in the state and in Volyn is our good intentions. I support only one thesis - all in Volyn level, there are no bigger or smaller ones. All teams are absolutely equal in all rights, there is no one who is more involved in sports, who is better at owning instruments. All compete only in the intellectual field. I think you are interested in your students being on the right path, Valerii Kryvorog is now working in the right direction and he is involved in the work, this project is also useful for the University as a whole, "summed up Olexandr Illich.

Therefore, Petro Savchuk and Oleksandr Savchenko signed the memorandum envisaging joint activities, implementation of programs and projects, joint participation in the work of the State Administration on Education and Science, solving scientific and environmental problems in the region, etc.

It should be noted that with the participation of students of Lutsk NTU and within the framework of cooperation of the University with the regional  administration, the implementation of creative projects in the field of construction, architecture and design in  Volyn region is already being implemented. Valerii Kryvorog, the Head of the Patronage Service and the Counselor of the Regional State Administration Chairman, talked about prospects and plans earlier.

According to him, in Volyn  it is planned to create industrial parks in Kovel and in Lutsk. The main purpose of objects is logistics and transport overload. On the territory of such kind of parks, it is planned to install a powerful elevator, refrigerators for berry farmers, etc., as well as a factory for processing products, which will be built on the initiative of foreign investors. In addition, Kryvorog emphasized that an industrial building, where the customs block will be located, offices for representatives of various banks, catering facilities, recreational cabs, etc., should be provided for the proper functioning of the industrial park.

Before designing this facility,  Volyn Regional State Administration attracts students of Lutsk NTU so that they can offer their own creative ideas using modern materials and as a result create a high-quality modern product. In the future, talented students will be offered a job in the administration with the possibility of further career development.

Future architects and builders, in addition, are involved in the arrangement of the historic center in Olyka and the recreation area in the lakes in Tsuman with a park, hotels and beaches.


Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University