Red carpet, flowers and flash mob - Lutsk NTU awarded graduates-bachelors with diplomas


Red carpet, flowers and flash mob -  Lutsk NTU awarded graduates-bachelors with diplomas 

1137 graduates-bachelors  from Lutsk National Technical University received their  diplomas, 137 of these diplomas  are with honours. Celebrations traditionally began with the joint  performance  of the State Anthem of Ukraine.

"The awarding of diplomas is a unique holiday in the life of each graduate. During the years of studying at the University, you persistently pursued your goal, gaining a dreamed-up profession, building plans for the future, determined by the path of your own destiny. Today you are professionals of your craft,  dedicated professionals who go confidently step by step on the way to success and proudly hold  the  title  of  Lutsk NTU graduate", - noted the  host  of  the  holidays.

Therefore, the Rector of   Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk   said  greeting words, stating  that the University  has an interaction between the technical, humanitarian and economic fields, and  its students have an excellent opportunity to be tangible to the production site, industrial enterprises and leading business structures of the region. Until  today  education applicants have been tested and proved to be successful and competitive.

"There is a long-awaited day for those who have the honor to dress up the mantle today, hold a diploma in their hands and prove first of all to themselves, their parents and the country that they are successful. Today is your day, today is your holiday. It is very pleasing that the lion's share of  the graduates is students who have not only been honored with training tests and practical training, but also received  diplomas  with honours. I would like  to thank you for being persistent, patient, determined and to get  the confident victory that you are celebrating today, "said Petro Savchuk.

In addition, the Rector thanked the Professors’  staff, all employees of  Lutsk NTU, partners who are always involved in the training of young professionals for the fruitful work.   

         After  the director of  Volyn Regional Employment Center  R. Romaniuk  congratulated  the graduates of  Lutsk NTU: "Not so long ago, I was standing in your place and also was anxious, there was a special moment, because it is a certain finish. But I would like  to wish you to set the maximum goals, because you have only one step left - to consolidate your knowledge in the magistracy and fulfil your potential  in life. Find yourself! I sincerely wish you that you would  work and achieve the maximum. "

          Subsequently,  the Faculty Deans  greeted the graduates. They thanked  young people for their fruitful work, for their efforts in studying  and wished happiness, self-fulfillment, confidence and inspiration. In their speeches  the mentors stressed that the students were the very people with whom it  was the most interesting to communicate, because they were  extraordinary, they motivated, created and generated original ideas. It is thanks to the students that the professors improve themselves  and grow. The Deans called their graduates as  their colleagues  because they achieved their goal, chose their own professional way, and now they can be truly proud of it. Thanks to the Heads of the Faculties and parents of graduates who, together with the professors, supported and understood their children, which resulted in their significant successes and achievements.    

Also, the graduates were applauded for their experienced sleepless nights, successful defences of academic papers, hundreds of written pages of notes and theses. Instead, they applauded and thanked their mentors  and encouragers, who also became nervous and worried about students’ defeats and sincerely rejoiced at their successes.                   

During celebrations with musical gifts  the participants of the folk amateur ensemble of ballroom dance "Yunist" and soloist of the "Brevis" orchestra performed  the composition "Lonely Shepherd" with the instrument  “Nay”.

Finally, the youth  with  the rector of  Lutsk NTU took part in a festive dance flash mob and jointly threw up their academic hats.

         Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University