Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship at Lutsk NTU Sports Complex

     Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship  at   Lutsk  NTU  Sports Complex


The sports complex of  Lutsk National Technical University hosted the championship of Sports School № 3  ( Lutsk City Council ) on rhythmic gymnastics "Winter  Fairy  Tale".

200 small gymnastics stars joined the competition and only half of them came from Lutsk.

All of them fought for the championship in different age categories and received honoured  awards. By the way, the youngest athletes are only 3.5 years old.

Rector of  Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk, Director of the sports complex of Lutsk NTU Yurii Churylo, Director of the  Family, Youth and Sports Department of Lutsk City Council Oleksii Veremiichyk and Director of the Children's Youth Sports School № 3 Hennadii Borovskyi visited  the event to congratulate  young athletes.

First of all, all the participants performed the anthem of Ukraine at the solemn meeting. That  is why Oleksii  Veremiichyk  started with  a welcoming speech:

“The Championship is the  result  of the work, because our sports school № 3 operates for about one year and in this short time we have something to be proud of and have something to show. At the same time, there are new goals and tasks that we need to set in order to improve sports and artistic gymnastics. I want to thank  parents for spending a lot of time, personal resources in order to bring the children to a noble, intelligent, graceful sport. It develops not only  body and spirit, but also   discipline, endurance and will power. Thanks to the coaches for everyday and difficult work, and I wish  children   to be bright winners”.

In his turn, the Rector of Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk added:

"Lutsk NTU regularly hosts  such kinds of competition and supports similar initiatives of   Lutsk City Council and all those who  actively work  and give  great results in sports of high achievements. However, this is self-improvement, creative implementation, comprehensive development of personality. It is great that young people choose a sports road and want to reach the peaks in this area. Let each of you get the maximum of achievements, be happy and fully fulfil  yourselves. "

In addition, Petro Savchuk noted that in Lutsk NTU there is the  Department of Physical Culture, Sports and Health and from now on  the preparation of Master’s Degree holders in the specialty "Physical Culture"  will be carried out. Therefore, the Rector expresses the hope that this educational direction will be useful for trainers and all those who want to strengthen their profession  in the sport.

Finally, Hennadii Borovskyi gave a welcoming speech  and  wished athletes to overcome their fears and bestow their talents as best as possible:

"Every competition is a definite result, so I wish you today to challenge your emotions, show  your best abilities and achievements and get the best results."

So, the guests of the championship handed the honors to the smallest participants of the competition. At the same time, the creative struggle for the victory will continue until Sunday, February 10th.

Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University

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