Scientists-builders of Lutsk NTU participated in the round table of the Defense Ministry

Scientists-builders of  Lutsk NTU  participated  in  the round table of the Defense Ministry

A roundtable was held at the State Enterprise "Central  Institute of  Design" of  the  Defense  Ministry of  Ukraine  on February 19, 2019. Participation in the event was supported  by the scientists involved in the improvement of building structures, practitioners who built three lines of fortifications in 2014-2015 in the East of Ukraine (on the line of collision) and the military  who exploited these fortifications.

The subject of the scientific and technical event was "Fortification facilities: state, problems of improvement and ways of their solution". An Associate Professor of the Department of Construction  and Civil Engineering Oleksandr Andriichuk took part in it.

The purpose of the round table was to analyze the state, architectural and design solutions, design and construction of fortifications, identify tasks for improvement and ways to solve them on the basis of consolidation of the scientific-technical, military-engineering and production potential of the country.

Very informative reports on the real state, the main problems and features of the use of reinforced concrete structures of special purpose on the line of collision with the enemy were made by the chief of the Armed  Engineering Forces, Major General  Y. Lukashyk  and the chief of the Main Directorate of Operational Support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Major General  M. Kravchuk.    

All present guests  during the discussion jointly came to the conclusion that this topic is extremely relevant today for improving the country's defense and security. In addition, it is important to realize the need for close cooperation between the military  and scientists to develop a new regulatory framework, the possibility of further designing special purpose buildings, taking into account all the modern achievements of the Ukrainian science of construction.

             Olexander Andriichuk

           Associate Professor of the  Construction  and Civil Engineering  Department