Sports achievements of our student Vladyslav Kapysh at the international level


Sports achievements of  our  student  Vladyslav Kapysh at the international level                         


In 2019  Vladyslav Kapysh, the  student of the group  CSW-51 ( CSIT Faculty ),  visited a lot of competitions. There were tournaments and championships both at  all-Ukrainian and international levels.

One of the key steps was the Ukrainian Championship of French  box  Savate  in Kharkiv (February 2019). There were a lot  of  participants   from nine regions of Ukraine. The  competitions were the  key to the formation of the national team of Ukraine, which will represent Ukraine at the international level of competitions. Vladyslav Kapysh once again proved his skills and won.              

 Another important step  for  the  athlete was a trip to the international stage. Plovdiv (Bulgaria) hosted the World Championship in  French  box  Savate  (March 2019).  More than 300 athletes from four continents of the world took part in the competition. Vlad Kapysh, having lost  out  to the athlete from Peru in the semifinals, took fifth place. But this situation  only gave him new motivation and strength to move forward.

 Also, during the last six months, a number of lower level tournaments took place where our student also showed his best. There were also competitions where Vladyslav Kapysh acted as a judge.

It is important to mention  that at the beginning of the year there was a rewarding  ceremony of the best athletes based on the results of the previous year, where our student got a new title (Master of Sport  of the international class on kickboxing).

The athlete continues to train and prepares for new  wins.  We wish him success  and  new achievements!      

Dean’s office of CSIT Faculty