The staff of Lutsk NTU joined Epiphany bathing rites

The staff of  Lutsk NTU   joined   Epiphany  bathing rites

         Epiphany is the third and final day in  Christmas and New Year celebrations. Jordan or  Epiphany  is traditionally celebrated on January 19 by Orthodox and Greek Catholic Christians. People believe that this day the water becomes healing and to be healthy and safe from all kinds of ailments and troubles all year long, it is worth having to pray three times  and  plunge into the hole after rthe prayer.

       This holiday  is  associated with the baptism of Jesus Christ  by John  the Baptist  in the Jordan River. According to the Bible  during the baptism of Jesus from the heaven in the form of a pigeon, the Holy Spirit  came down and the voice of God  sounded, therefore the feast is called the Epiphany.

       The tradition of celebrating  Epiphany  was supported by  Lutsk National Technical University Thus, the administration  of the University headed by Rector Petro Savchuk joined the water-christening font and plunged into a hole in the village  Baiv  near  Lutsk.

        It is hard to  describe the impressions of diving into icy water, - say teachers and employees of the University. Despite the fact that the water is really cold, nevertheless, believing that on this very day it is healing, it is impossible to avoid the opportunity to do it  and no frost is terrible  for people today.

        The rector of  Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk notes that the University  has formed a good tradition to go to the hole. Participation in baptismal baths is taking place for the third time and every time the feelings are incredible.

     Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University