Students of Lutsk National Technical University celebrated the World Philosophy Day

Students of Lutsk National  Technical  University celebrated  the   World  Philosophy Day

We mark the  World  Philosophy Day  on November 15, 2018. The students of the Faculty of  Finance, Accounting, Linguistics and Law (gr. SЗ-11, SЗ-12, PR-11, ОP-11), the  Faculty of Business (FBS-11, EK-11, MEV-11, MО-11) ) and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (TT-11) prepared an exhibition of the works "Philosophy of Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", devoted to a number of problems of philosophy. The works showed  the creative vision of the philosophical problems, the development of domestic and world philosophical thought, drew attention to the work of many outstanding philosophers of antiquity and modernity.

The  discussions were held on the controversial nature of human existence, the meaning of life, death and immortality in the spiritual experience of mankind within the educational process  in the student groups. Students  tried to outline the features and criteria that they consider to make a person a man in the full sense of the word, analyze the problems of freedom, choice and responsibility. They drew attention to the fact that in our difficult time, a person, occupied mainly by the problems of the ordinary, has no time to reflect on philosophical ideas. A person does not realize how important and useful philosophy is not merely as a millennial philosophical knowledge, but as a counselor in life situations. After all, it is philosophy that allows us to  understand  at least partially  who we are and in which direction we  move further.

Oksana Silvestrova, Associate Professor,

the Department   of  Humanities, Social security and Law