Students of Lutsk National Technical University visited the "Kromberg and Schubert Ukraine Lu" factory

  Students of Lutsk National Technical University visited the "Kromberg and Schubert Ukraine Lu" factory

On September 27, 2018 students of the 1 st and 2 nd year of studying  in  Lutsk NTU speciality "Industrial  Engineering" together with the  lecturers Galyna Yefimchuk, Oksana Tkachuk and Oleksandr Shovkomud got acquainted with the production of electric on-board cable systems for the instrument panel, doors, roof, motor and cars of the whole well-known world brands BMW , Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz at Kromberg & Schubert Ukraine.

Kromberg & Schubert Ukraine is an enterprise with 100% foreign investment. The plant has been successfully operating in Lutsk for more than 10 years now, and today more than 5,500 jobs have been created.

The social worker of the plant Natalia Sheveliova conducted an excursion at the enterprise for the students of Lutsk National Technical University. She began the story about the company with the representation of the cars for which the plant produces the products.

The raw material is tested and meets all European standards of sustainability. The plant does not produce cable, it comes here on the coils. 

Introduction to the production process began with the Komax machine for cutting cables and installing contacts on them.

Ready cut and contact wires are collected in bundles and hang on a regal, where they are waiting for their turn for further use.

All Kromberg & Schubert workplaces are equipped according to European standards, and work safety is at the highest level.

The wires are laid on moving conveyor boards, where they are wound, plugged, clipped, etc. are installed on them, creating a single on-board cable system.  

The main rule of "Cromberg and Schubert" is zero mistakes. Control over product quality is extremely thorough. Checking of the cable network for conduction is carried out on EPT-tables.

The checked wiring is served on a special equipment Foaming station, where it is poured with polyurethane bushings. 

Finished posting is marked, specially packed and sent to factories where cars are made up directly.

The company "raises" specialists on its own. Everyone who is ready to learn and master new skills can successfully implement them in  the company.

One of the priorities of the company is social responsibility. Competitive salary levels, a fully transparent payroll system and its timely payment - all this has firmly established the status of one of the best employers in Ukraine.  

The visiters  received interesting information, competent answers to the questions and unforgettable impressions. Modern production technologies and equipment, the perfect organization of production processes, high social standards and incentives for self-development of employees and employment opportunities have caused a special interest among students. 

                                   International relations office ( LNTU )