Students of Lutsk National Technical University win at competitions in Odessa and Lviv


Students of Lutsk National Technical University   win  at competitions in Odessa and Lviv


Different subjects of scientific research  are  implemented at the Department of    Ecology and Agronomy  at  Lutsk NTU. Most of them actively involve students.  One  of the areas of the research work  is  physical environment, which focuses on radiation, heat, noise, electromagnetic pollution of the environment. Students, together with the teachers, carry out the complete instrumental measurements of the corresponding parameters, carry out their analysis, statistical processing and mathematical and cartographic modeling.

This year 2 research  works were successfully presented at the All-Ukrainian competitions  of student's scientific papers ( including preliminary testing  at the student's scientific conference of the Faculty of Ecology, Tourism and Electrical Engineering).        

 Thus, the research on the topic "Spatial distribution of electromagnetic radiation from mobile base stations in the city", performed by the student L. Berezovska under the leadership of M. Fedoniuk, was submitted to the competition  of  the  knowledge  field  "Technogenic safety".  In the work own measurements of the parameters of the electromagnetic fields of the radio frequency band allowed  to assess their spatial differences and compliance with the relevant sanitary-and-environmental standards in different districts of Lutsk. The obtained results were also compared with the data of previous studies of our students (V. Yavorskyi, V. Shostak and I. Ladchuk, O. Tarakanets, A.Vovk), which allowed to trace the dynamics of corresponding indicators from 2008   to  the  present.

 This work was highly appreciated by reviewers (included in the top five of 52 works received from 26 Institutions of higher education in Ukraine) and included in the final list of the Contest. According to the results of public defense of works and discussions, held on March 26  at   Lviv State University of Life Safety, the student Berezovska L.  was awarded with a diploma of the third degree. The thesis has also  been  published in the collection of the XIV  International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists, Cadets and Students  "Problems and Prospects for the Development of the Safety System  in  Life", held on March 28 at the same University.

             Separately, we will note the fascinating atmosphere of historical buildings and the museum of   Lviv State University of Life Safety, which the participants of the competition were able to feel during an excursion conducted by the chief scientific officer of the Department of Organization of Research Activities, Associate Professor  Rudyk Y.       

             Another student's work - "The study of spatial and temporal differences in temperature fields in Lutsk" was performed by A. Prokhorenko under the direction of Associate Professor V. Fedoniuk. A feature of this work is a combination of field temperature measurements (using various types of non-contact infrared thermometers) with the analysis of images of the thermal channel of space images. Due to this, the main sources of the city's thermal pollution, the patterns of temperature distribution in the zone of their influence were identified, the spatial configuration of the city's heat of the island was determined in different meteorological conditions and seasons.

             This work was submitted to the competition at  Odessa State Ecological University, which is the base institution for conducting the All-Ukrainian competition of student’s scientific works in the field of knowledge "Earth Sciences. Hydrometeorology. " The final stage of the competition took place on March 21-22, 23 students were admitted to participate in it.

           The  speech  given by A. Prokhorenko caused a lively discussion and a lot of jury questions that the student could confidently and reasonably answer. As a result, A. Prokhorenko became one of the winners of the competition (only 6 of them), her work was assessed by a diploma of the third degree (with a minimum lag of 0.18 points from ІІ place and 2.5 points from І place). It should be noted that even after the competition, positive comments and suggestions of cooperation on this scientific direction came to the address of the Department of Ecology and Agronomy.

           Congratulations to our students and their leaders and we wish them new interesting scientific achievements!

            Department of Ecology and Agronomy  ( Lutsk National Technical University )