Students of Lutsk NTU visited the jubilee Winter School of Urban Studies

Students of Lutsk NTU  visited the jubilee Winter School of Urban Studies  

 This year  students of the Construction  and   Civil Engineering  Department on  the specialty "City Construction and Economy" of Lutsk National Technical University became the participants of the fifth Jubilee Winter School of Urbanistics. It  was held at  Kharkiv National  O. M. Beketov  University of Municipal Economy. Urban School is a joint international project that envisages events which have become traditional for the Ukrainian urban educational and scientific community.

 In particular, the students of the 4th and 3rd years of study  Daria Bilous and Sofia Liashuk successfully passed the design course "Integrated Spatial and Transport Planning" from January 27 to February 3, 2019. These were  7 unforgettable days, filled with  interesting lectures, new acquaintances, crazy emotions and a non-standard approach to work.

The lecturers and mentors of the groups  were foreign and native specialists, who all the week-long side by side with the students created new unrivaled concepts and shared their own experiences.

"Acquaintance with Kharkiv took place in conjunction with the departure to the location of the future project, along with a small tour of the city, during which all could dip into the atmosphere of a magical city. A real assessment of   the objects of planning has added even more interest in the work. The analysis of the real objects, zoning of the territory, and the identification of conflicts took place in accordance with the German Code of Planning. After that  the creative ideas of each school participant complemented the sketches with something new, non-standard and  were united in something exclusive.

The Winter School of Urban Studies taught us to think creatively, to look for new ways out of difficult situations, to combine ideas and to work experimentally in the design of public projects.

The Winter School united students from 12 Universities  and made it possible once again to make sure the choice of the specialty of urban construction and economy. I managed to reaffirm that UCE is not only a specialty, a profession, but a huge, very friendly family, for which there are no boundaries, which unites extremely many students and teachers. The school allows you to fulfil the potential.

We are grateful  to the assistant of the Department Vereshko Oleg, who was all around these 7 days, always helped with wise advice and worked with us, supported us and was a real friend. We also want to thank the teachers and organizers, who presented unforgettable emotions ", - said  Daria and Sofia.


         Daria Bilous and Sofia Liashuk