Students' Scientific Developments at the XII All-Ukrainian Science Festival

Computer Sciences & Information Technologies Faculty Presented the Students' Scientific Developments

On May 16, in the framework of the XII All-Ukrainian Science Festival, an associate professor Vitalii Kabak and senior teacher Pavlo Savaryn introduced the students' scientific developments at the Department of Computer Technologies of the Lutsk NTU.

They are as follows: 'LutskTourist' information reference system for people with visual impairments' and 'Gesture recognition system for transmitting control signals'.

In particular, LutskTourist information reference system for visually impaired people is a mobile application on the Android platform consisting of the following information blocks: 

'Audio Instruction': refer firat to the 'Instruction' to find out how to use the information reference system. TalkBack is an Accessibility Service that uses spoken word, vibration and other audible feedback to let you know what's on your screen, what you're touching, and what you can do with it.
'Audio Guide' retells visually-impaired about the main sightseeing places in Volyn region. When arriving at the place of interest, tourists can listen to a brief historical information about their place of stay and the objects that surround them.
'Accommodation' helps people with visual impairments find a place to spend the night, choosing, if necessary, a hotel or hostel.
'Maps of tourist routes': 'MapLutskTourist' is a key feature of an application. Turn on GPS, choose among the places you would like to visit and this trip advisor will help you to get there the fastest way. 
'Video Tours around Lutsk' and 'Photo Gallery' will help tourists to view multimedia content about the sights of Lutsk before the trip and to select the ones they want to visit beforehand.
'QR-Code scanner' can shift a user of a mobile device to an Internet resource with information about this or that historic object. People with visual impairments can come up with their own smartphone or tablet and launch 'QR-Code scanner'. 

In order to develop a gesture recognition system for transmitting control signals, it was decided to use an ultrasonic distance sensor HC-SR04 and an Arduino Uno board. C++ was selected to write the microcontroller programme algorithm.  C # and the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 have been chosen as the programming language for implementation of the user interface and visual representation of data.


Vitalii Kabak, Department of Computer Technologies

Anna Verbytska, International Relations Office (translation)