Technical College of Lutsk NTU at the XX International Agricultural Exhibition in Poland

        Technical College of Lutsk NTU at the XX International Agricultural Exhibition in Poland

Every year in the Republic of Poland, one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in Europe, AGRO SHOW, is held in Europe. On September 21 - 24, 2018, the XX International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO SHOW 2018 took place in Bednar, 25 kilometers from  Poznan.

AGRO SHOW 2018 hosted 750 companies, including more than 120 foreign participants from 19 countries, 139,200 visitors, 139,000 square meters of exhibition space and 57 hectares of exhibition space!

Thanks to the cooperation of the Polish company P.U.P. AGROMIX, the Polish Agricultural Chamber of Commerce and the Ukrainian company "West-Agro-Technique" a group of students and professors  (40 people)   of the Technical College (Lutsk NTU) and Lutsk National Technical University participated at the AGRO SHOW 2018 exhibition. The trip took place thanks to the initiative and funding of the president of the company "AGROMIX" and at the same time the head of the organizing committee of the exhibition Josef Dvorakovsky.

The purpose of the visit is to develop the international relations of the Technical College of  Lutsk National Technical University with Polish partners - producers of agricultural machinery, raising the level of qualification of students and students through their involvement in the practice at the production bases of Polish partners. The joint work will focus on the training of specialists necessary for the labor market of Ukraine and Poland.

The AGRO SHOW delegation was introduced to a wide range of agricultural production and services. Manufacturers and distributors of agricultural machinery from all over the world shared their experiences, showed their new products. Huge screens, flags of countries and companies, shows of technology in work, photoshops, good weather, smiles, business polish agrarians  and plenty of impressions.

 Particular attention was paid to precision farming - tractors and mineral fertilizer spreaders, precision seeding systems, specialized software guarantee high precision in agriculture. On large screens information was displayed on the tractor and combine control panels, detailing the work processes.

It is gratifying that the exhibition has also presented Ukrainian products, namely agricultural machinery "Kobzarenko Plant", "Rosa", "Red Star", "Agrokalyna" and others.

The special interest of the participants of the visit was not only the visit of the exhibition, but also the most successful practices of introducing new technologies of agricultural production, which is very relevant for future Ukrainian specialists, which will become our students. With the help of the Ukrainian company "West-Agro-Engineering", students and teachers were able to visit the Polish company Rolmako, a producer of agricultural machinery for cultivating land. Students and lecturers familiarized themselves with the technology of manufacturing agricultural machinery.

       The trip to Poland was organized at a rather high level, it was as informatively and emotionally rich as possible, full of new experiences and emotions. However, such a visit would not be possible and quite real without the skillful planning and quality organization by the Polish and Ukrainian project coordinators - "AGROMIX" and "West-Agro-Engineering", as well as the coordinated and stable work of the staff of the Technical College of  Lutsk National Technical University. 

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