Thematic event "Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine"

     Thematic event "Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine"


Students of the Computer Science and Information Technologies  Faculty  took part in the thematic event "Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine". The event was held at the initiative of the Head of the Humanities, Social Security and Law  Department  Oksana Zhuk and senior  specialists of  Lutsk NTU Library.

First of all,  Oksana Zhuk stressed that the students had decided to devote their studies to the topic of European integration of Ukraine,  as  Ukrainians recently celebrated the Day of Europe. The lecturer noted that Ukraine was  not only the geographical center of Europe, but also for a long time the Ukrainian people  had  perceived   themselves as Europeans.     

Therefore, the senior  librarian Svitlana Sakovych noted that the Revolution of  Dignity had opened up new perspectives on Ukraine's course towards the EU, where democracy and human rights were mandatory values. So, she presented  a video film for students about NATO.

"The Revolution of  Dignity  has  opened  new prospects for a strategic course on European and Euro-Atlantic integration, which are interconnected and guide people to standards where human security is a primary and necessary value. Ukraine is integrating into the European political, economic and legal space in order to gain membership in the future both in the EU and NATO, "S. Sakovych said.       

Subsequently, Oksana Zhuk  told   the  students  about what she actually  meant   by the word "Eurointegration". She informed about the European regional organizations and the history of the creation of the EU. She added that for Ukraine, European integration had long been a definite way of foreign policy, which was enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine.

"Our intentions are irreversible and society has consolidated them  at   EuroMaidan in 2014. This is a civilized choice of Ukraine, "O. Zhuk emphasized.         

In  turn, students  (  A. Yarmoliuk, M. Dovgoniuk,  M. Tyshchuk,  M. Arthur and V. Panko )  made their own reports on the EU and the confident movement of Ukraine in this direction. They also focused on the foreign policy of our state, the interests and priorities that had emerged since the beginning of the declaration of Ukraine's independence, NATO and the peculiarities of the formation of European consciousness among Ukrainians.  The  particular attention was paid to the the aggression of the Russian Federation, which resulted in a sure and unconditional choice of Ukrainians towards Europe. At the same time,  young  people  mentioned  in their own researches   the advantages of joining NATO, which protected  the interests of people, constitutional principles, freedom and democracy and so on.

Finally, the senior  bibliographer E. Budchyk paid attention of the students to the bibliographic review "Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine", which confirmed the  strengthening of the European orientation in Ukrainian book publishing  industry.

Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University