Ukrainian Vocal Competition

Supported by the Ministry and the International Academic Rating "Golden Fortune" production center «ARTmusicUA» implements creative project - Contest vocalists among university students "Bel canto / Bel Canto», which aims to identify and develop vocal talent of youth, revival of culture and spirituality Ukrainian nation singing its potential as an integral part of world culture, promotion of contemporary Ukrainian songs.

As part of the project, students of higher educational institutions of all forms of ownership, regardless of the direction of education and profession (except specialized university arts), will showcased his natural talent, performing experience and artistry.

Conducting semifinals and final of the contest is scheduled for October 2012.

In order to ensure more effective implementation of projects and support talented youth, please inform studentctvo and create conditions for the study among university students.

For more information please contact the project organizers by phone: 044-220-21-05, 044-362-06-22 or website:

Students can send your questions and requests to participate by e-mail:

First Deputy Minister of EM Sulima