The University Lecturer from the UK will conduct trainings on academic integrity in Lutsk NTU

The  University   Lecturer   from the UK will conduct trainings on academic integrity  in Lutsk NTU


The  scientist from the University of Nosambria (Newcastle, UK)   Yevgen  Baranchenko came to  Lutsk National Technical University to conduct a series of trainings for Ukrainian University  teachers on academic integrity and the preparation of project applications. 

The  Rector Petro Savchuk  welcomed  the honorary guest in Lutsk NTU and  noted that it was rather difficult to find a partner in Great Britain. However, it was quite possible to set up cooperation with the University of Nosambria  but now it is a great honor to meet a foreign representative and participate in his trainings.          

             "Yevgen  Baranchenko  is a representative of the Nosambria University   in Newcastle. This is the University that gave us a lot of chances. It's extremely difficult to find a partner in the UK because they are extremely  peticulous. It is good that we are so lucky and  I thank  Mr. Yevgen , the University Administration, and our colleagues for the provided  opportunities. Today we are starting a series of initiatives with our British colleague.  I want to use this time effectively both for me and for the University, because it is very important to be in the project and I  feel the true spirit of support  in cooperation with the British Universities, "the Rector emphasized.

In turn, the Dean of the Business Faculty  Nadiia  Khvyshchun said that the visit of Yevgen Baranchenko to Lutsk is a continuation of the international project. For example, last year Lutsk NTU participated in the project on the development of leadership in higher education institutions, and one of the most recent stages of which was a trip to the University of Nosambria in the UK. The purpose of the visit was to share experience and get a new reflection. 

             "After our trip  the senior lecturer   of   the  Department of Business and Law at the University of Nusamburia has visited us today. The visit lasts 3 days, and during this time the  training for 15 people from  the Economic Faculty  will be held on the subject  of academic integrity, features of publication in impact factor journals, and preparation of the project application in the contests announced by the British Council. In addition, a meeting is scheduled with all  interested in discussing the development of higher education in Ukraine and the UK and the preparation of project applications in the framework of the creative spark competition, as well as training on writing these project applications on April 12.  At the same time, our guest will get acquainted with the city, educational buildings of Lutsk National Technical University and the Museum of Contemporary Art ", - said N. Khvyshchun.

Before starting the practical part of the seminar, Yevgen   Baranchenko spoke about the city of Newcastle and the Nosambria University:  "We have a good example of academic development in this region  because there are three Universities there, including the University of Nosambria, which used to be a Polytechnic Institute. It is quite large, about 30 thousand students study at this University  and about 15 thousand of them are  from  the Faculty of Business and Law. In addition, we have students from about 130 countries around the world. Our rating has improved considerably over the past 10 years and now we have 56th place among 130 Universities in the UK. Each of 9 out of 10 graduates of our University  can find  work during  6 months after graduation, so we are proud of this and we believe that we  do our work quite well. "   

"It is an honor for me to be at Lutsk NTU today, thanks to the Rector and the Heads of the Faculties who have invited me here. Today we will work in groups and it will be open communication. We will not talk about how we should do, but we will  talk about how you see academic work. It is very important to have bilateral communication and to have an effective dialogue, because I am here to help you as  a potential partner  to  get synergy. We will talk about higher education, the challenges that exist in this area  both in the UK and in Ukraine. This sphere has many similar things and I think that we must find the most effective solutions to overcome these challenges ", - added Yevgen Baranchenko.

Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University