Well-known professor from the USA - in Lutsk NTU

      On September 13, a well-known American professor, Markus Job, lectured students at the Lutsk National Technical University on "Freedom and Christian influence on the formation of the United States of America."

      Note that Marcus Job  is a Doctor of sciences, a professor at the  Miami University since 2000. He was born in Oklahoma, USA. Marcus  worked  at  the  School  of  Business (Oxford, Ohio). The main area of  his activity is information systems and analysis. During the past 25 years, he has been providing consulting, training services to General Electric, Proctor and Gamble, NASA-Lewis Research Center, Westinghouse. In addition, he lectured more than at  40 Ukrainian Universities. 

       "You know your history  very  good. In 1991  the Soviet Union collapsed, since then you are in the period of development. During these years you have progressed a lot and this makes me happy. America loves Ukraine and wants it to be an independent, free and prosperous country, "the professor began lecturing.

       Therefore, Professor Job discussed with the audience the following topics: definition of freedom; how Columbus discovered the United States; the establishment of universities; the proclamation of independence and the constitution. At the end of the meeting Marcus also analyzed the progress of the Ukrainian higher education institutions.

       "Freedom is the underlying foundation for the nation's strength. To ensure that the nation and freedom flourish, there must be moral values. And not just the quality of virtue, but what is the foundation of the Bible. This is my main  message today, "summed up Marcus Job.