Young athletes compete for the "Rector’s Cup" of Lutsk National Technical University

Young athletes compete for the "Rector’s Cup" of  Lutsk National Technical University   


Young athletes   from two regions  gathered  in  Lutsk to compete in  throwing  the javelin  and gain  the "Rector's Cup" at Lutsk National Technical University.   

12 athletes took part in the competition, among them there were boys and girls ( 2000-2001 years   and younger).

First of all,  visiters  took part in the parade of the opening of the competition. So, Rector of  Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk congratulated the athletes and wished them success:  "We gathered here to show that such a sport as throwing the javelin exists  and it develops, and we want  to find the talented youth who can reach the peaks and gain worthy awards. We are doing something very important to you - this is the development of sports of great achievements in Ukraine and in Volyn in particular. Therefore, I am confident that today's competitions will become traditional in our University, they will be improved, and over time we will create a complete infrastructure for young people to be trained. Therefore, I wish you success and victory in  honest struggle. " 

Petro Savchuk also  added that  this  year  training for trainers started, namely, the opening of the Master's Degree  Program in the field of "Physical Education  and Sports", so athletes now have a great opportunity to increase their trainer's qualification or to obtain a professional  specialty  in  sports.     

Also, the Director of   Youth and Sports  Department  of  Lutsk City Council Oleksii   Veremiichyk  gave  a congratulatory speech: "It is extremely pleasant that you have chosen athletic throwing the javelin, now  this sport  has  lost  some  popularity, but it is a rather elegant and interesting sport that is worth to be revived  and raised  to a new level. Therefore, we need to strengthen, work and do everything to ensure that you have the best conditions  in order to go  and win all the competitions  confidently. "                                     

After the joint performance of the State Anthem of Ukraine, the participants of the competition took on the most responsible part of the event. The youth tried hard and  had six attempts for successful  hurling the javelin   to prove  their  primacy. And despite the fact that all athletes showed good results, in the youth category   Olha  Mosiichuk ( Kostopil ) won with a general indicator of 41.40  and Maksym Trotsiuk (Lutsk)  won   with the indicator 52.60.  On the other hand, Albina Savchuk (Lutsk) won with the result of 31.74 and Dmytro  Kal'kov (Lutsk) scored 60.38 points.

According to the Head of the Department of Physical Education, Sports and Health of Lutsk NTU Serhii  Savchuk   such competitions are taking  place for the first time and this   attempt to make the Cup so that young people can  try themselves  before the official competitions and determine what else to improve. The purpose of the event is also that both coaches and authorities see the talents of athletes and understand how  they can help, how they can motivate and reinforce, and create all the conditions for training.

Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University