Rectors Appeal

Whenever I address students, their wise tutors – professors, teachers, all workers of the University, those who dream of linking their destiny with Lutsk National Technical University, I am filled with a feeling of emotion and infinite pride to this saint and majestic temple of science, cognition and spirituality. At such moments I always recur to its remote and near past, to its life-giving sources, to the path which our University has covered, the path of its formation and development.

The year of 1997 added an unforgettable page to the chronicle of the University. It was the year when former Lutsk Industrial Institute became University according to the governmental decision. Though it is one of the youngest higher educational establishments in Ukraine it has its own fine traditions. It started along the way of acquiring qualitatively new accomplishments. Working in the new social and economic conditions University became the reliable generating force of the present-day transformations in all fields of social life.

Having got the status of University we’ve got the opportunity to realize all important scientific projects, to make an effective search for modern engineering and technological solutions, and to co-operate with scientists and students of various countries as well. The model of education and the concepts of its development worked out by the University are aimed at the predicted final result. All of this ensures not only the training of skilled professionals and scientists but also creates the conditions of bringing up patriots of their state and native land. A multi-level system of education is being actively introduced at our University. LSTU is becoming firmly established as a complex of educational institutions of different levels and status.

The University structure is constantly being perfected. So, in September 2005 four Institutes were formed: Institute of engineering and information technologies, Institute of resource saving and construction, Institute of management and business and Institute of continuing education.

Since then we’ve got two more faculties: Computer science and information technologies faculty, Faculty of ecology, instruments and power systems, and two more departments: Computer technologies of professional training department and Computer-aided design of machine-tools and engineering.