Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics Department

Head of the Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics Department,

PhD in Philological Sciences

Oksana Smal


Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics Department was established on the basis of the Department of General Subjects in 1992. A head of the Department was Ph.D., Associate Professor Y. Holdovanskyi. From 1999 to 2007 the department was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor V. Kovalenko, from 2007 to 2014 – Ph. D., Associate Professor V. Prykhodko, from 2014 to 2017 – Ph. D., Associate Professor A. Martyniuk. In 2017 the Department was reorganized into Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics Department. A head of the Department is Ph.D. O. Smal.

Teaching prosess at the Department is carried out by 18 teachers.

Level of teachers with academic degrees and titles is 95%.

Department lecturers provide modern learning environment and education of students. They organize the work of educational seminar, which is devoted to methods of teaching Foreign and Ukrainian languages for non-linguistic specialties.

Teachers of Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics Department are involved in translation and correction of scientific papers, abstracts, booklets, training educational programs.

The current stage of development of international relations, as well as the introduction of credit-module system provides training of well-qualified professionals. The department provides teaching foreign languages based on Common European Recommendations for Languages Study for higher education.

Now the Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics Department provides teaching such subjects as: 1) Foreign Language for Specific Purposes (English, German, French); 2) Business Foreign Language (English, German, French); 3) the Second Foreign Language (Polish); 4) Ukrainian for Specific Purposes; 5) Business Communication; 6) Academic Writing; 7) Media literacy.

The scientific approach of the department is – 'Modern Issues of Germanic and Romanic Philology and Linguistic Methodology Development'.

Teachers of the department actively participate in scientific conferences of Lutsk NTU, national and international scientific conferences, grant programs, publish articles in the professional journals, develop guidelines preparing students to participate in competitions, student conferences etc.

Teachers of the department collaborate with scientists in other countries, participate in international scientific conferences abroad.

The staff of the department also publish monographs.

Increasing of professional and scientific level of teachers is provided with their internship in domestic and foreign universities, activation of scientific-theoretical seminar dealing with current problems of Roman-German philology.

Students also present their research results at international and national scientific conferences of young scientists and students.

The strategic objective of the department is to ensure a sufficient level of foreign and Ukrainian language learning, facilitate the development of professional language competence of students and their effective functioning in the cultural diversity of educational and professional environment.

 Professorial Staff:

Inna Horobets

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: psycholinguistics, communicative linguistics

Alla Hubina

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: foreign language teaching methods, success achievement motivation

Natalia Kyseliuk

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: ecolinguistics, nonverbal communication, emotiology

Olena Kovalchuk

Associate Рrofessor, Doctor of Educational Sciences, Head of Life Long Learning Department / Research interests: comparative education, management in education, innovative methods of teaching foreign language

Svitlana Lobanova

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: the role of innovative technologies while teaching foreign language for specific purposes

Alla Martyniuk

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: didactic principles of structuring the content of philological knowledge

Liudmyla Mialkovska

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: linguostylistics, communicative linguistics

Tamara Nykoliuk

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: psycholinguistics, neurolinguistic programming, psychopoetics, Ukrainian prose of XX – XXI centuries

Ruslana Nishchyk

Lecturer / Research interests: foreign languages teaching techniques, authentic feature films as a means of teaching foreign languages

Larysa Pylypiuk

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: categories of time and space of artistic work, interpretation of artistic text, artistic text and artistic world

Viktoriia Prykhodko

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: foreign reception and interpretation of literary text, translation

Oksana Smal

Head of the Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics, PhD / Research interests: communicative linguistics, discourse

Vita Sternichuk

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: non-fiction literature, foreign reception and cognitive linguistics

Natalia Shkliaeva

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: folklore of Western Polissya and Western Volyn

Larysa Tykha

Associate Рrofessor, PhD / Research interests: Ukrainian language stylistics, Ukrainian language culture, word in artistic text

Anzhelika Yanovets

Senior Lecturer, PhD Research interests: psycholinguistics, discourse analysis