Viktoriia Prykhodko

Name, surname: Viktoriia Prykhodko

Academic degree: Ph.D. in Philology (2001) on specialty: comparative literary studies

Position: Associate Рrofessor of Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics Department  

E-mail:  prykhodko­

Research interests:  foreign reception and interpretation of literary text, translation.

Courses: Foreign Language for Specific Purposes

Publications:  over 40 papers.




1. Prykhodko V. (2018) Laughter Culture of "Evenings at a Farm near Dikanka" by M. Hohol through Foreign Language Discourse. Scientific Notes of the NationalUniversity of OstrohAcademy. Series Philology. Ostroh: NaUOA, Issue 1 (69). Part 2, p. 115-117 (in Ukrainian).


2. Prykhodko V. (2017) Interpretation and translation of literary text: terminological aspectOdessa Linguistic Bulletin. Issue 9, Volume 3, p. 108-111 (in Ukrainian).   

3. Prykhodko V. (2017) Intertextuality as a translation problem.  Bulletin of  Alfred NobelDnipropetrovskUniversity. Series: Philological Sciences, № 1 (13), p. 262-266 (in Ukrainian).

4. Prykhodko V. (2017) Understanding of literary text as a translation problem.  Scientific Herald of the InternationalHumanitarianUniversity. Series: Philology. Issue 28, Odessa, p. 199-201 (in Ukrainian).

5. Prykhodko V. (2015) Problems of foreign reception and interpretation of phraseologisms.  Bulletin of AlfredNobelDnipropetrovskUniversity. Series: Philological Sciences, № 1 (9), p. 176-180 (in Ukrainian).