Студентів Луцького НТУ запрошують на English Through Film

English Through Film

Room 243

   10:00 - 13:00

Tuesday  to  Friday

June 26 through July 17

A Short Summer Session with
Peace Corps USA volunteer Jason McKrola


We will watch a variety of classic American Television programs and discuss topics such as theme, plot, and characters. Discussion topics will include: society, political freedom, corruption, ethics, and human relationships including the role of race and gender.  


Week 1

       Original American Sci-Fi TV series “Star Trek”

       “2001,  A Space Odyssey,” 1968 by Stanley Kubrick

Week 2

       “Alien” 1979, by Ridley Scott

       “Solaris,” the 2002 American re-make of the classic 1972 sci-fi by Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky.

Week 3 - A less serious topic - films from the American Coen Brothers:

       “Raising Arizona” 1987

        “The Big Lebowski” 1998