Birthday greetings to the Rector of Lutsk NTU



            Birthday greetings  to  the  Rector of  Lutsk NTU 

Professors'  staff, employees and students of Lutsk National Technical University express their sincere congratulations to the rector Petro Petrovych Savchuk on the occasion of  His birthday!

Your managerial talent, wisdom and  ability to be friend to everyone are the key to the successful operation of such a complex mechanism as the University. Responsible work, high professionalism, commitment to beloved affairs and perseverance are  confirmed by the high status of Lutsk NTU in the educational arena.

We sincerely thank You for wisdom, reasonable  decisions, justice, a significant contribution to the development of education and science of the region and Ukraine, and most importantly - the education of the younger generation, the future of our country.

         May human honor be gratitude to  You for  hard work, dedication and courtesy. Peace and happiness for You, high ups and victories!


Staff of Lutsk National Technical University