Happy birthday, Lutsk NTU!

Happy birthday, Lutsk NTU!


Dear  professors,  colleagues  and students of Lutsk National Technical University! Today we  are celebrating  our  53th Anniversary!   I  congratulate you   with all my heart  on this joint holiday - the birthday of our  University! 

We are a great friendly family which is the basis of a patriotic, highly intellectual and decent society.  Investing our  heart, knowledge and efforts in the development of our University, we help  our country  and make it stronger. I wish that every day  in Lutsk NTU    brought  you  only joy, positive emotions  and benefits.  Let  the University   give  you confidence and inspiration to conquer new scientific  peaks. Let your  opportunities always be unlimited, your work be  fruitful, and your colleagues be  reliable!

Each of us can be proud of our involvement in the history pages of  Lutsk National Technical University, because they are written daily - new traditions are born every day, new achievements take place   every day, every day we improve  ourselves and  move to  new levels.

Obviously, the main tasks of our "Alma mater" are: strengthening of the scientific and technical potential of our   country, training of highly skilled personnel for modern production in new economic conditions and realization of scientific research not only in technical branches, but also in social sciences and humanities.

I am sure that your invaluable contribution to the development of our state will continue for future generations and will produce its results for many and many years. Dear Colleagues, you are the main engine of the progress of the  scientific thought and the development of Ukrainian higher education.  You have been working tirelessly for the good of our University and Ukraine for so many years! I wish you every success in this difficult journey!

   Rector of Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk