Employment Department

           Information about the department

Lutsk National Technical University has created a structural department  for job placement to facilitate the employment of students and graduates. To create the Center for Business Student, the Cabinet of Ministers  issued the Order "On Increasing the Level of Employment of Higher Educational Institutions  Graduates". Thus, in the building of  Lutsk NTU ( Lvivska str., 75)  in the lobby, they created the so-called professional orientation place, that is, the Business Student Center.    

        The employees  of  the State  Employment Center work with students in this department, they provide consultations, and  help with vocational guidance. In addition, in  the lobby you can see videos of working professions, on stands you can read information about employers, who  visit  the  University  from time to time to meet with students. Young professionals have the opportunity to see photos of vacancies, vocational guidance motivational terminal, stands with job offers, job descriptions, company passports. In addition, the center presents an economic map of Volyn, a barometer of professions, periodicals on employment opportunities, catalogs of successful entrepreneurs, employers, vocational guidance booklets, etc. Also, young people can work on computers with Internet connection and access to job search sites. Students can review free vacancies on employment center sites, and also create their resume to find the job they are interested in.

         The Business Student Center will provide students with objective information that goes beyond the University's labor market. The Center promotes the dissemination of information to students on the availability of vacancies for enterprises and organizations.


             The  main tasks  of  Lutsk NTU Employment Department are:


1. To conduct continuous analysis of demand and offer on the labor market of specialists trained by higher education institution;

        2. To establish   cooperation with the State Employment Service, enterprises, institutions and organizations irrespective of the form of ownership that may be potential employers for graduates and students;

        3. To ensure coordination of actions with central and local executive authorities, employment services and enterprises, institutions and organizations (employers) in order to optimally coordinate the real needs of the labor market and the market of educational services;

        4. To Inform graduates and students of higher educational institutions about vacancies in enterprises, institutions and organizations corresponding to their professional training (specialty);


5. To implement monitoring the employment of graduates at their place of residence jointly with the State Employment Service.


In the future, the employees of the Center also plan to establish close cooperation with the regional  employment service, potential employers, and constantly inform alumni and students about the availability of vacancies in enterprises and companies in the region. 


Students of Lutsk NTU readily  use  the presented materials, and those who wished - they  go  through a further professorial examination and receive consultations from employment services. Workshops will be held at the University's vacancies fairs, meetings with employers, vocational guidance workshops on job search technology, as well as at meetings with successful University graduates and excursions to the best companies in Volyn,  which young professionals are very interested in. 

            It is the creation of such departments that can not solve the problem of youth unemployment, but only help and assist in finding the right job. Indeed, in the process of finding a job, unemployed young people face certain psychological difficulties. Their cause is the lack of internal readiness for active involvement, inability to change previous settings, and motivation for behavior in new market conditions. Under the current conditions of a market economy, it is not possible to organize the recruitment of graduates, as in Soviet times. And especially the situation that has developed on the labor market in district and region centers. In rural areas, graduates of higher educational institutions can hardly find employment because most local farms are bankrupt, factories and plants have ceased to exist. To solve such problems, it is necessary to organize visiting programs and meetings with rural and district students. An effective way of overcoming unemployment in the countryside is the orientation of rural youth for entrepreneurial activity and self-employment. Thus, solving problems of youth employment is possible only through targeted systematized and coordinated actions.


  The tasks  of the Сenter together with the  Сity Employment  Office:


1. To cooperate  with employers  in the need of work, as well as in organizing meetings with employers and former unemployed who have successfully found a job or established their own business.   

           2. To cover  positive experience with the help of  the mass media.

           3. To conduct  constant review and analysis of supply and demand on the labor market of specialists trained by a higher education institution.

           4. To Introduce  for  the programs of educational institutions  special courses on technology of job search and optional classes in the organization of their own business.

           5. To  organize informational and training seminars,  trainings on employment opportunities, intensifying their own efforts in solving employment problems and raising self-esteem.

 The purpose of this department  is  to promote employment,  provide students, and, in particular, graduate students from district  and  region centers with information assistance regarding future job search and professional development of their competence. It is also necessary to hold trade fairs for young specialists from district and region centers for the purpose of informing young people about employers and vacancies, and this task also involves the involvement of leading enterprises and organizations in cooperation with students in order to obtain qualified specialists for their company and the development of intellectual and spiritual potential of students. 

           A special place in the professional adaptation of students is a short but very useful course "Job Search Engine", which is professionally conducted by specialists of the City Employment Center. During these training sessions, students gain active job search skills, they become familiar with the latest innovations and opportunities provided by the State Employment Service. The Work on the profile of students includes  the holding of job fairs, where the  potential employers and former graduates are invited. During these events, several listeners from the group find their new job.

        A number of  Career Fairs  for various Faculties took place. The program invited employers who submitted their businesses. In the further cooperation with the SEC it is planned to conduct a series of training sessions: "Job Search Engine", "Labor Market: Problems and Prospects" and "Risks of Employment Abroad". The results of such trainings are scheduled for discussions and interviews between students and representatives of SEC. It is planned to introduce the practice of thematic appearances of students and representatives of the SEC who would speak on both sides: the students came up with research and their reflections on the prospects of employment in their speciality, and representatives of the State Employment Center would focus on the current state and needs of the labor market.

        All directions of cooperation between Lutsk NTU and the employment center are aimed at solving and preventing employment problems of graduates of  Lutsk NTU, providing a new speciality to graduate students, and  so on. The consequences of such work are the practical absence of graduates of  Lutsk NTU in the lists of the unemployed, their high demand for the specialities received.


                  The results of the creation of the center are:


1. The development of the skills which help students to find  right approach to job search;

        2. Development of creativity  and independence in raising the level of knowledge about the future employment;

        3. Targeted employment of students of Lutsk NTU of different specialities and directions in the leading companies, enterprises and organizations of Ukraine;

        4. Improving the quality of student learning;

        5. Increase of the  employed students  rating of Lutsk National Technical University.