Entrance Rules

1. LNTU admits citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and persons without citizenship. 

2. Persons who have a diploma of universal secondary education can enter the university for the first year of studies. 

Persons who have a state diploma of vocational education, an academic certificate of incomplete higher education or diploma of higher education of different specialities are admitted to the first and next years of studies. 

Persons who have got vocational education can enter the university for the first year of studies and they have the right to be financed by the state. They also have the opportunity to enter the university for the third year of studies to get Bachelor degree in case the university has free places on the required speciality. 

To get Specialist and Master degree in certain speciality students should present the supplement with their marks of Bachelor degree diploma. Persons who have got the Bachelor degree in certain speciality in 
LNTU or some other higher establishment take part in the competition according to the results of entrance exams. 

3. Training of foreigners and persons without citizenship is held according to the decree of Ukraine “On jurisdictional status of foreigners and persons without citizenship”, decrees of Cabinet of Ministers of February 26,1993 No.136 “On foreign citizens studies in Ukraine” and of August 5, 1998 No.1238 “On reaffirmance of regulations for admittance of foreigners and citizens without citizenship to study in higher educational establishments”, President of Ukraine decree of March 25,1994 No.112/94 “On actions concerning the development of economic collaboration of Ukraine regions with neighbouring Russian ones”. 

Foreigners who have state scholarship according to international agreements, general state programs or another international obligations of Ukraine are admitted to the University on the basis of recommendations of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 

Foreigners of Ukrainian origin who have got the recommendations for studying from officially registered Ukrainian national and cultural companies, enjoy the same rules of admittance as citizens of Ukraine if they choose the speciality “Design” (6.020207). If foreigners of Ukrainian origin choose another speialities, they have the same opportunities as Ukrainian citizens in case they were participants of international competitions in general educational subjects. 

Persons who have a document on education in foreign countries (non-state sample of Ukraine) must follow the procedure of nostryfication of documents carried out by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 

4. According to the decree of Ukraine “On Education” the citizens of Ukraine have the right to get free education in 
LNTU. It doesn’t depend on sex, nationality, social and material status, type and character of the occupation. Belonging to political parties, attitude toward religion, condition of health are not taken into consideration either. 

Admittance of citizens to 
LNTU is held on the basis of competitions according to their abilities irrespective of sources of financing. 

The citizens of Ukraine are guaranteed getting the higher education of educational-qualifying levels of Bachelor, Specialist, Master’s degree in 
LNTU at the state budget expence within the limits of requirements of state standards on competitive basis. 

The citizens of Ukraine, who are not able to work in the field they were trained for because of their state of health, have the right to get the second higher education free of charge, in case they present the conclusions of mediko-social expert commission. Such persons add certificate of medical-social expert commission to the application. 

5. Admittance to 
LNTU is carried out in accordance with Regulations for Educational-Qualifying Levels, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ratified by its decision №65 of 20.01.98 for training specialists for educational-qualifying degrees of Bachelor, Specialist, Master. 

Normative content and terms of studies after all educationally profesional programs for getting a proper educational-qualifying level is determined by the state standards. 

6. Financing of training specialists in 
LNTU is conducted: 

• at the expence of the state budget of Ukraine, republican budget of Crimean Republic and local budgets (by a government order); 

• at the expence of legal entities (studies by contract); 

• at the expence of physical persons (studies by contract); 

• at the expence of favourable long-term credits (studies by contract). 

Amount of admittance to the first year of study as well as amount of admittance to qualifying degrees of Specialist and Master at the expence of the state budget are determined annually by Ministers of Education and Science of Ukraine. 

The decision of enrollment of fee-paying applicant with the use of a favorable long temp credit is made by the Admittance Board of 
LNTU as the result of drafting entrance tests in accordance with the set quota. 

Amount of admittance to the first course of studying after the educationally professional programs of Bachelor, as well as the amount of training of specialists after the educationally professional programs of Specialist and Master’s degree at the expence of the state budget are determined annually by the Ministers of Education and Sciences of Ukraine. 

Besides the set amount of admittance financed at the expence of the state budget, 
LNTU can enroll students on contractual basis within the limits conditioned by the license. 

7. A special purpose admittance is organized in accordance with p.6 of clause 22 of Law of Ukraine “On the status and social defence of citizens which suffered as a result of the Chornobyl catastrophe” and the decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №1159 of 29.06.99 “On training specialists for work in rural locality” and with additions №1298 of Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine of 20.08.2003. The number of such students should not exceed 25% of government order. 

8. Organization of admittance to 
LNTU is carried out by the Admittance Board, the stuff of which is established by the order of rector LNTU and which operates in obedience to Regulations for the Admittance Board of LNTU

The head of enrollment committee is a rector of 

List of fields of training specialities and faculties of 
LNTU are given in the appendix 1. 

Amount and forms of training for 2007/2008 academic year are given in the appendix 2. 

9. Reception of applications and documents for all forms of training for Bachelor Degree is conducted from 16 June to 15 July. 

Entrance tests for training for Bachelor Degree are conducted from 16 July. 

Reception of documents for training for Specialist and Master’s programs is conducted from__ June to __July. 

Reception of documents and conducting entrance tests for the applicants financed at the expence of physical and legal persons can be prolonged by the decision of the Admittance Board. Admittance is carried out up to 30 August. 

Admittance of foreigners according to the internationals agreements, all-Ukrainian programs and other international obligations of Ukraine is conducted up to 15 October. 

10. Admittance to 
LNTU is carried out according to personal application on the grounds of competition according to the results of entrance tests. In the application form an applicant points out field of training (speciality) and form of training. 

The fact of applicant acquaintance with the rules of admittance, License, Accreditation Certificate of Higher Educational Establishment according to the chosen field of training (speciality) and time-table of entrance tests is registered in the application of entering person and certified by his or her personal signature. 

To the application is added: 

• school-leaving certificate (original form or certified copy); 

• Health Certificate form 086/У (original or certified copy); 

• 6 (six) photos 3?4 sm 

• Certificates of Ukrainian evaluation centre of quality of education got in the current year. 

All the copies must be certified by the university personnel department or by a notary’s office. 

Passport (ones who don’t have passport due to their age can present a birth certificate), army registration card (or proof of registration with the local draft board), the original of school certificate, the original of a certificate (certificates) of Ukrainian Center of Estimation of Education Quality and the original of medical certificate (form 086/У) must be shown by the applicant personally, if he/she submits the copies of the above enumerated documents. 

In terms, determined for documents submission, the applicant may submit other documents, if he/she aspires privileges, determined by Ukrainian legislation, or caused by some conditioned regulations for entering certain training directions (specialities), determined by normative legal actions. 

During five days after passing the entrance examinations and announcing the list of applicants recommended for state funded studying, entrants who take part in the competition to be enrolled to several higher educational establishments or to several training fields (specialities) of 
LNTU must submit the originals of a school certificate, certificates of Ukrainian Center of Estimation of Education Quality and the original of medical certificate (if copies were submitted) to the LNTU Entrance Committee. 

The submitted originals are kept in 
LNTU personnel department during the whole term of training. 

11. Entrants who apply to 
LNTU for state-funded studying in terms of special purpose enrollment according to the established quotas add the warrant, signed by Council of Ministers of the Crimea Autonomous Republic, by Regional autonomous bodies, by Kyiv and Sevastopol Municipalities as well as Ministries, another Central bodies of executive power, enterprises, organizations and establishments which concluded an agreement withLNTU according to the Law of Ukraine “On the Status and Social Defence of Citizens Suffered from Chornobyl Catastrophe”. 

12. Applicants, successful at entrance examinations, are enrolled in 
LNTU according to the results of contest in every training field and faculty and according to the quantity of points. 

The results of Ukrainian Center of Estimation of Education Quality tests, confirmed by the UCEEQ, are included as the results of entrance examinations. The certificates of Ukrainian Center of Estimation of Education Quality with marks 1-3 points (according to 12- point scale of knowledge estimation) are not accepted by 

13. Entrance examinations in general subjects are conducted according to secondary educational programs of secondary education. 

Entrance examinations in drawing, composition and painting are conducted in accordance with 
LNTU programs, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. 

14. Listeners of a preparatory department and six-month preparatory courses, who are not recommended to be enrolled by the results of final tests , can take entrance exams. In this case final tests results are cancelled. 

15. All the questions, linked with the admission to 
LNTU are decided by Admittance Board. 

16. Control over the observance of current legislation of Ukraine and basic principles of Admis-sion Terms and Rules is carried out by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 

Entrants take the followings entrance examinations: 

• in speciality "Design" creative competitions in composition (key subject, 50 marks maximum), in drawing (50 marks maximum), painting (50 marks maximum), and also writing test in Ukrainian and Ukrainian literature (30 marks maximum); 

• in speciality «Commodity Science and Customs Examination» and «Ecology and Environmen-tal Engineering» writing test in mathematics (key subject, 90 marks maximum), chemistry (60 marks maximum), Ukrainian and Ukrainian literature (30 marks maximum); 

• in all other specialities the written tests are conducted in mathematics (profiling, 90 marks maximally), physics (60 marks maximally), Ukrainian language and literature (30 marks maximally). 

Documents are accepted daily (except Sunday, Monday) from 10 00 to 18 00, on Saturday from 9 00 to 14 00 from June, 16 to July, 15. 

Foreign applicants submit the following documents:

a) application form (see the pattern)


Application form
of a foreign citizen sent to study in Ukraine
1. Country____________________________
2. Name______________________________
3. Sex_________________________________
4. Year of birth__________________________
5. Marital status_________________________
6. Social status__________________________
7. Education____________________________
8. Language competency in Ukrainian (Russian)
9. Language competency in other foreign languages
10. Name of future spceiality___________________________
11. Line of arrival___________________________________

b) a copy of education certificate with the list of studied subjects;
c) a document confirming the absence of AIDS infection;
d) health certificate certified by official medical establishment of the country from where the applicant arrived issued no longer than two month before the appli-cant arrived;
e) insurance policy;
f) a copy of birth certificate;
g) 6 photos (3 cm by 4 cm).