History of Lutsk NTU


Now Lutsk National Technical University, the unique educational, scientific and cultural phenomenon that has appeared as the combination of the best traditions of Kyiv, Lviv and Volyn science and has become the main Volyn Technical establishment that multiplies town’s glory.  

Due to the persistant work of the teaching staff and former rector V. Bozhydarnik LNTU achieved the level of the leading university of Volyn. From year to year the status of the university changed, scientific potential grew, material, technical and laboratory base improved, cooperation and connection with other educational establishments of Ukraine developed.

Every higher educational establishment has its history. The history of LNTU is also full of memorable dates and events.

In 1966, according to the decision of the former Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education of the URSR, the branch of General Engineering Faculty of Kyiv Automobile and Highway Institute was founded in Lutsk.

 In 1971 the faculty was subordinated to Ukrainian Institute of Water Transport Engineering. After a while according to the decision of Council of Ministers the faculty was subordinated to Lviv Polytechnical Institute and four years later it was reorganized into Lutsk Branch of Lviv Polytechnical Institute with the branch in the town of Novovolynsk.

In 1979 – the first graduation of mechanical engineers.

In 1981 – the first graduation of civil engineers.

In 1985 – redistribution of the departments according to the faculties.

April 1, 1991 – the formation of Lutsk Industrial Institute on the basis of Lutsk Branch of Lviv Polytechnical Institute. It consisted of four faculties, thirteen and later seventeen departments. In that year 289 graduates got their diplomas of engineers in Lutsk Industrial Institute. But the administration of the university and the leading scientists didn’t want to stop on achieved. The number of faculties was increased, the Post-Graduate School was opened. The university got the right for earning a Candidate Degree (Ph.D). The institute began to train specialists with the qualification degrees of Bachelor, Specialist and Master. New departments appeared.

The 24th of December, 1997 was a very important day in the history of the educational establishment. According to the decision of Council of Ministers Lutsk State Technical University was formed on the basis of the Industrial Institute. LSTU achieves the possibility to determine contents and forms of education, quantity of applicants admittance, to open new specialties, to establish new educational and scientific institutions of different types and to maintain cooperation with foreign higher schools.

The highest reward and embodiment of dream of rector and the whole personnel of our university was achieved on the 11th of April 2008, when according to the Decree of President of Ukraine No 335/2008 Lutsk State Technical University was given the status of National. This is the result of persistent work of the rector V. Bozhydarnik and all the teaching staff. Our university is the member of Association of Universities of Black Sea Region.

Today Lutsk NTU trains specialists at full-time training and training by correspondence. The structure of the university: 7 faculties, 4 centres, 3 colleges, 38 departments, where about 12 thousand students study. The history of Lutsk NTU will be continued…

Today teachers’ body amounts 395 people. Among them there are 30 Doctors of Science and Professors, 315 Ph. Doctors and Associate Professors, Academicians and Corresponding Members of Branch Academies. Such spectral variety enriches the university, makes it mobile and vital. University teaching staff is made up of talanted people, professionals with great pedagogical and life experience. Among them there are hundred honored workers of Ukraine’s education; a number of teachers is rewarded with orders and medals; with badge “Excellent Teacher of Ukrainian Education”;  honorary awards of Ministry of Education and Science.

Translated by V. Prykhodko