Information about the application of single-source procurement


on the application of single-source procurement

1. Customer:

1.1. Name: Lutsk National Technical University;

1.2. Identification code: 05477296;

1.3. Location: 43018 Volyn region, Lutsk tel. Lviv, 75;

1.4. Registration to the customer: w / c 35227017000111 in UDC in the Volyn region, MFO 803014;

1.5. Main funds (full name and identification code). Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, code code 00027677.

2. Source of financing: the special fund of the state budget.

3. The web portal of the Authorized agency, which contains information on the procurement:

4. Address of website where the customer additional information about the purchase (if available): www:

5. Purchase Information:

5.1. Name of the object of purchase (code 22.22.1) "Other printed products" (documents on education policy made on the basis of computer technology files): Bachelor, Bachelor with honors specialist degree, diploma with honors, master's degrees; diplomas with honors, annex diplomas.

5.2. Number of goods, works or services: 3600 pcs. (Three thousand six hundred pieces).

5.3. Place of supply of goods, works and services. 43018, Volyn region, Lutsk tel. Lviv, 75, Lutsk National Technical University.

5.4. Delivery of goods, works and services: from signing the contract to 31.12.2011r.

6. Name, address and contact numbers of the participant held talks: State Enterprise "National Center for Applied Information Technology", 03040, Kyiv, Prospekt 40 - Anniversary of the October 96, tel. (044) 246-29-04, 246 - 6.29, (044) 246-29-05.

7. Offer Price: 128 304 USD. 00. VAT (one hundred twenty-eight thousand three hundred and four rate).

8. Additional Information:

Contact: Shavyrina Evgenia tel. (0332) 74-61-21, fax 74-61-07.

Chairman of the Committee


Rector of AEW Bach MV