Information and Computer Center


About the department


The Information Computer  Center is the information and technical structural unit of  Lutsk NTU which is directly subordinated to the Rector.

The main tasks of the ICC are:

- Creation, operation, support and maintenance of the modern information and technical infrastructure necessary for the functioning of the University.

- Implementation of new perspective information and educational technologies aimed at automation of activities, management of all units of the University, support and improvement of activities related to the use of computer technology.

- Providing advisory assistance to structural subdivisions of the University on the formation of information resources, the introduction of information technology and the application of technical means of processing and storage of information.

- Ensuring the implementation of the University's information informatization plan, information needs and information support of the University's academic, scientific, technical, economic and social activities.

The head of the center carries out the work of the Information and Computer Center.


List of services provided by the ICC


? Development of application software.

? Installment, restoration, and configuring of  Windows XP / 7/8/10 / Server, * nix systems, additional software and drivers.

? Personalization (customizing the computer to a user).

? Eliminating   the effects of viral activity.

? Installing of  additional programs.

? Optimization of  a computer  (cleaning from unwanted software, registry, etc.).

? Removing   PC and  laptop noise (cleaning from dust, dirt, replacing thermal brush).

? Set up of Wi-Fi networks, routers (routers), ADSL and 3G modems.

? Connecting and configuring printers, scanners, webcams and other peripherals.

? Internet connection. Assistance in selecting a provider and equipment.

? Distribution of one Internet channel to several computers.

? Distribution and restriction of access to the Internet.

? Recovering  lost data (deleted, lost after formatting, etc.).

? Design, installation and networking.

? Upgrading the computer and selecting the optimal configuration for the user.

? Creating  and configuring a computer park for offices and businesses.

? Configuring and installing servers.

? Providing automatic backup of information.

? Providing information security.

? Remote administration.

? Setup, minor repairs, firmware for phones and tablets.

? And other things.


Address: 43018, Ukraine, Volyn region, Lutsk, Lvivska str., 75

tel.: +380 (0332) 26-29-94