International scientific conference "Prospects of equipment and food processing industries"

Dear colleagues!

Lutsk National Technical University 30-31 October 2012 conducted by the international scientific-practical conference "Prospects of equipment and food processing industries."

We invite you to take part in the conference.

The conference program includes:

§ plenary meeting;

§ breakout sessions;

§ posters;

§ other events.

The organizing committee plans to work sections:

§ contemporary problems of food and processing industries;

§ saving technologies of production and processing of agricultural products;

§ prospects for the development and operation of machinery and equipment agriculture.

Calendar of the conference:

§ accepting applications for participation with the texts of reports and registration fees - up to 30.09.2012, the

§ mailing invitations to the program of the conference - to 10.10.2012, the

§ Arrival and accommodation of participants - 30.10.2012, the

§ Work Conference - 10/30/2012-31.10.2012r.

§ Departure - 31.10.2012r.

Conducting meetings conferences and accommodation of participants will be made on the basis of Lutsk NTU at Ukraine, Volyn Lutsk, st. Lviv 75,

Accommodation at the conference all Lutsk by the participants. Estimated costs 200-250 USD. per day.

Organizing Committee invites you to bring this information to the employees of your organization.

Scientific gender will be published in the professional collection of scientific papers "Research Notes" Lutsk National Technical University.

To authors. Interuniversity collection "RESEARCH NOTES" approved by the Presidium of the SAC of Ukraine dated 10.02.2010 № 1-05/1 and he seems Lutsk National Technical University as special journals Ukraine, which can publish the results of theses for a doctor's degree and Ph.D. .