Licensing and accreditation


Higher education accreditation is a type of quality assurance process under which programs are evaluated by a State external body to determine if applicable standards are met. If standards are met, accredited status is granted by the agency.



1. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "On approval the State requirements for accreditation a field of study, specialties and the university» 13.06.2012 № 689



University Licensing–is a procedure for recognition at the State level capacity of the institution to conduct educational activity. It relates to the provision of higher education and training in accordance with the standards of higher education, as well as government requirements tothe provision of human resources, information material and technical supply.





The Unit of Licensing and Accreditation was established to implement a set of goals aimed at organizing, training, and support the licensing and accreditation process of the specialties trained and the university as a whole.


The main objectives of licensing and accreditation unit are the following:

- Coordination of licensing and accreditation processes;

- Collecting, analysing, synthesis and statistical processing of information concerning licensing and accreditation; study of changes in the legal framework and informing structural divisions of the university on them;

- Submittingthe information on licensing and accreditation to university management for decision making;

- Providing informative and practical assistance to university structural units in order to help them in preparing licensingdocuments for accreditation;

- Controlling of data provision in Collective data Systemwhich are used for licensing / accreditation;

- Giving proposals for appointment ofexperts chosen from the University staff members at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;

- Providing support in revision University licensing and accreditation specialtiescases by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine / Accreditation Commission;

- Ensuring timely registration of licenses and certificates, their renewal in case of validity expiration;

- Monitoring the compliance of licensed training scope in university;

- Storing licensing and accreditation materials which deal with expertise of University specialties;

- Monitoring the education market of Ukraineto ensure the future development of the institution of higher education through licensing of new (advanced) specialties and / or cancelling existing ones;

- Developing the recommendations to improve the quality of professional training to meet licensing / accreditation requirements.



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Translated by O. Kovalchuk