LNTU Construction Research Laboratory offers services

LNTU Construction Research Laboratory offers services

Lutsk NTU has a construction research laboratory which deals with various types of inspections, audits and consultations.

The laboratory offers:

-technical inspection of buildings and structures;

-engineering and geological surveys;

-audit of buildings’ energy efficiency;

-survey of engineering systems and networks;

- technical consulting.

In addition, the laboratory provides services to determine:

-strength and reliability of structures, buildings and structures;

-strength of building materials (brick, concrete, aerated concrete, cobblestones, etc.);

- strength limits of fittings and welded joints;

-markets of concrete for water resistance;

-brands of building materials for frost resistance;

- thicknesses of products from thin-sheet steel with a protective and decorative covering;

- brands of cement;

-brands of gravel and gravel;

-density of soil and gravel-sand mixtures.

Address: 43018, Lutsk, St.Potebny, 56

Tel .: (050) 884-97-08; (095) 123-08-10; (0332) 26-24-60

e-mail: pcb@intu.edu.ua