The Lutsk NTU rector visited Germany and signed a series of memoranda of cooperation

The Lutsk NTU rector visited Germany and signed a series of memoranda of cooperation

The rector of the Lutsk National Technical University, Petro Savchuk, paid a working visit to Germany. He signed a series of memoranda of cooperation with leading European higher education institutions there.

During a working meeting with Carl-Heinz H?neburg and Torsten Kuhle, the leaders of the Community of Bug Hollanders, a memorandum on cooperation and joint projects have been signed.

In addition, it was agreed on a joint workshop and new projects with the President of the OWL University of Applied Sciences (Die Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe), Professor Dr. J?rgen Krahl. Collaboration with the leading technical university of Europe has received a new and qualitative benchmark.

The representatives of the administration in Lippe district (Detmold) discussed the project of establishment of an intercultural center and development of a  cooperation with regional youth organizations.

At the same time, Petro Savchuk with Alfons Breuer, the member of the union ‘Br?ckenschlag’, considered a further cooperation within the framework of the internship program for students and the possibilities to establish an intercultural center in Lutsk NTU jointly.

A memorandum of cooperation on important humanitarian research areas has been signed with prof. Alfred Eisfeld, the executive director of the Research Center G?ttingen.

It has also been agreed on the content of the joint international conference ‘Central and Eastern Europe: the past or the future prospect’.

Finally, a delegation from Lutsk NTU, headed by the rector, visited historical and cultural places in G?ttingen and Magdeburg.