Musical, Mixed Martial Arts, and Princes (Kniaz) of Kievan Rus: How the King and the Queen of Lutsk NTU Were Chosen

Musical, Mixed Martial Arts, and Princes (Kniaz) of Kievan Rus: How the King and the Queen of Lutsk NTU Were Chosen

The most magnificent event in 2018 took place in Taras Shevchenko Volyn Regional Music and Drama Theatre. The crowded hall indicated that students from Lutsk and Volyn region were looking forward to a real enchanting show. Everyone was willing to join the election of the King and the Queen of the Lutsk National Technical University.

The holiday of beauty and intelligence was magically opened by the artists of the LED show 'Z-show'. They fascinated spectators using a bright props for light painting.  The introduction of the participants was accompanied by the orchestra of Taras Shevchenko Volyn Regional Music and Drama Theatre.

Participants had to compete for the honorable title of the King and the Queen in five contests. 

First of all, students demonstrated their own video presentations, which in a minute should have told about themselves, their hobbies, interests, and life credo. It is worth noting that all 18 videos were shot by 'The best student of Volyn - 2017' Nazar Dubyna in three days. It was for this that the Student Council of the Lutsk NTU awarded Nazar with almost true 'Oscar'.

Later, the contestants surprised the hall with the extraordinary costume show. All contestants were required to demonstrate a certain country determined by drawing lots. So, wonderful and courageous representatives of Kievan Rus, Spain, Japan, Greece, Brazil, Italy, Scandinavia, Scotland and India appeared on the stage.

In the next competition, the contenders for the title of King and Queen of Lutsk NTU-2018 were to show their intellectual abilities, responding to the insidious questions of the hosts of the holiday. Consequently, the contestants had to tell about their priorities, e.g. career or love, to imagine themselves in the place of the president or the participant of 'Eurovision', to name the main features of an ideal man and answer sincerely, who in the family should earn, and who should be simply ... beautiful.

All contestants had the opportunity to unite in order to represent their creative abilities. Thus, they managed to arrange a real show on the stage. They created paintings accompanied by live music, demonstrated strength in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), lifted weights, lighted up in the musical, marvelled by ballroom dances and singing, the author's songs in particular, and even read the Ukrainian rap.

The last appearance of the contestants on the stage confirmed that the audience came to the very royal ball, because the beautiful Misses and Misters of the Lutsk NTU dipped into a waltz in the form of charming royalties.

Afterwards, the following contestants were given such Honorary Awards Nominations: Miss and Mister Smile - Valentyna Kmet and Denys Komenda, Miss and Mister Style - Iryna Domniuk and Volodymyr Servetnyk, Miss and Mister Elegance - Maria Kipen and Andrii Polishchuk, Miss and Mister Creativity - Oleksandra Zelenko and Yurii Androshchuk, Miss and Mister Talant - Mariia Fedorets and Heorhii Supruniuk, Miss and Mister Originality - Anastasiia Perehodko and Andrii Protasiuk, Miss and Mister Mystique / Enigma - Ilona Svyd and Vladyslav Semeniuk.  

Andriy Bartoshuk was awarded an honorary title of Vice-Mister and Olena Soloveniuk became a Vice-Miss. 

Oleksandr Symonchuk and Diana Savchuk were named the King and Queen of the Lutsk National Technical University-2018.

Ilona Karpiuk,
the Information Department of Lutsk NTU;

Oleksandra Mistiuk (pictures), the Information Department of Lutsk NTU;
Anna Verbytska (translation), the International Relations Office.

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