Practical classes in the soil microbiology laboratory

Practical classes in the soil microbiology laboratory

Students in the specialty "Ecology" visited the Volyn branch of the State Institution “Institute for Soil Protection UKRAINE”.

The head of the institution, Ph.D., Associate Professor - Mykola Zinchuk and other specialists conducted laboratory classes for students. They demonstrated the equipment and explained the features of soil research. Mykola Zinchuk explained that the main task of the state institution is agrochemical inspection of agricultural lands, agrophysical and agrochemical analyzes of soil, determination of microelements in soil.

At the first lesson on the topic: "Mineral part of the soil, its composition and significance", the applicants got acquainted with the method of soil analysis, their particle size distribution and properties, which are determined by a specialized laboratory. Mykola Zinchuk spoke about the mineralogical, chemical and granulometric compositions of soils and their relationships.

The second laboratory lesson was on "Organic part of the soil, its composition, properties, significance" concerned the composition of the organic part of the soil and soil microbiology.

In addition, students got acquainted with the peculiarities of the microbiological laboratory, which studies the microbiological activity of soil and determines the species composition of the main groups of soil microorganisms.